Graduate Programs

IESA INTERNATIONAL offers students the following one-year professional masters' programs in English in Paris, validated by the French state. These programs are designed for students interested in developing professional skills in contemporary art, luxury, arts management, cultural industries, performing arts, and cultural entrepreneurship and tourism.

Experts in the these sectors teach on these programs and allow students with attractive networking possibilities. Each program also includes an internship and a professional project.

Programs in Paris

MBA Art cultural management paris

MBA in Arts and Cultural Management

City : Paris Duration : 12 months Fees : 18.000€

This one year intensive program is designed to develop students’ professional skills and expertise in art business and the creative industries. Two specialized tracks are offered: Arts Management and Performing Arts Management/Creative Industries. Meetings with professionals from the industries and field trips provide students with networking possibilities and important insight to current and future business trends and key success factors in entrepreneurship. 

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Sales Display collecting

MBA in Contemporary Art: Sales, Display and Collecting

City : Paris Duration : 1 year Fees : 11.500€

This intensive one year MBA program supports the development of a career in the contemporary art sector. Students will gain understanding of the economics and structure of the markets and expertise of art objects. Students develop skills in sales, digital communication and marketing and curatorial practice. 

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Art & Luxury Management: The French touch

MBA in Art & Luxury Management: The French Touch

City : Paris Duration : 1 year Fees : 11.500€

This one-year program delves into the relationship between the art and luxury industries concentrating on management, sales and distribution. Beginning with the historic development of the luxury in Paris other European centers, the course progresses onto the analysis of contemporary practices and strategies today. Focused teaching on management of luxury houses and their strategies links to issues of corporate social responsibility, sustainability and ethics. 


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Professional Master’s program in Cultural Entrepreneurship and Tourism

MBA program in Cultural Entrepreneurship and Tourism

City : Paris Duration : 1 year Fees : 11.500€

The goal of this program is to train students to manage, develop, and promote the tourism industry in particular regions and cultural sites. Core teaching focuses on a range of skills necessary to become an entrepreneur in the tourism sector: financing, regionally-focused marketing, public policy, targeting your audience, developing community-based strategies, implementing seasonal touristic programs, marketing heritage/tourism products, visitor satisfaction, and sustainable development.

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