Strate - Design School in Paris

Strate - Design School in Paris

Strate school of design was born in 1993 from a vision: design will be a strategic lever for the sustainable development of human societies; success will be collective, and the ways of functioning will be collegial. Hence the school’s name.

Since then, from this starting vision that is now shared, Strate - Design School in Paris has imposed itself as one of the 60 best design schools around the world, and one of the best in France.

In the meantime, it has jumped from 18 to 500 students, implemented 3 curriculums, and has settled in Sèvres in 2010, in a brand new 3000 m2 campus, designed specifically for this purpose, and in keeping with its ambitions.

These ambitions are both grand and simple: contributing to the training of passionate professionals, attentive to Man, his needs, his desires, and to the dreams of his fellow men and their descendants.

State - Design School in Paris, offers 2 graduate programs fully taught in English: Transportation Design and Interaction Design  and these programs will help students to become strong professionals thanks to an intensive project-­‐ based pedagogy,  partnerships, and a strong emphasis on all methodologies and technologies.