Personal financing options & partnerships with financial institutions.

Personal financing options & partnerships with financial institutions

Personal financing options
To help you achieve your educational goals, IESA offers various financing options. Our advisers are available to help you find the best solution.  Several installments are possible before the start of term.


Scholarships are based on students' merit. Please contact us for additional information and application procedure.

IESA will provide students with documents needed to apply for external scholarships (details of the programme, admission certificates,…).

Please contact your admission officer.

Several scholarships in France are available for foreign students, such as the “Ile de France” scholarship, the programme Charcot, the programme Eiffel, the” Ministère de l’Education Nationale” scholarship, the “Agence universitaire de la francophonie” scholarship.

Also scholarships from several national institutions, NGO’s, foundations. ..Check also the French Embassy website and scholarships available in your home country.