The best practices learned from our partners enrich our own academic content and teaching methods.

Since its foundation, our international art school has been developing academic partnerships with foreign institutions in order to offer our students more international opportunities.   

These partnerships facilitate academic exchanges and international internships through the Erasmus University Charter, but they also allow for the creation of multi-country programs, jointly run by IESA and its prestigious partner universities.   
Through these partnerships, IESA is able to adopt pedagogical best practices from other renowned universities, which enrich our programs and lend added energy to our teaching.   

In France, IESA has also chosen to form partnerships with academic and professional institutions in order to enrich our programs and host foreign students.   

Academic partnerships based on the Erasmus University Charter and student exchange programs.

At IESA we encourage our students to take advantage of our many academic partnerships, and to complete part of their program abroad.  For the past 15 years, students in the Art Market department have also had the opportunity to participate in an exchange program with Sotheby’s Institute in London.

These exchanges are the perfect opportunity for students to discover a new way of teaching, and to immerse themselves in a new culture.  As internships form an integral part of IESA programs, students are also encouraged to complete part of their work experience in foreign companies in order to learn new professional skills and acquire different artistic perspectives.  With the Erasmus University Charter, IESA has already formed partnerships with a range of schools and universities:  The University of Applied Arts (Vienna), The International Business School (Budapest), Libera Università di Lingue e Comunicazione IULM (Milan), Insituto Politécnico de (Santarém), Reinwardt Academy (Amsterdam), International School of Law and Business (Vilnius), and many others.

Going beyond the European-centered Erasmus University Charter, IESA has also developed exchanges with Chinese universities such as the Franco-Chinese Center of the Southwestern University of Finance and Economics.  These exchanges allow each partner institution to send students abroad for Summer Sessions.

To increase the number of international internships available, IESA has signed an agreement with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which allows students to complete internships in French cultural organizations based abroad. 

Academic partnerships to develop training programs

In addition to these student exchanges, IESA has also chosen to build full-scale academic partnerships and create innovative, multi-national programs.  

In this spirit, we offer two Master of Arts programs (the MA in History and Business of Art and Collecting and the MA in History and Business of the Contemporary Art Market) in partnership with the Wallace collection, the Sir John’s Soane Museum and the Whitechapel Art Gallery, three major cultural institutions in London. 

Similarly, we offer the Summer Session and the Semester Programs, developed with, and validated by, Jacksonville University Florida, and a series of short vocational training programs offered in partnership with the Cultural Industry Research Center of China’s largest university, Tsinghua University (Beijing).

IESA’s Contemporary Art program is also partnered with Liverpool John Moores University.

The French Foreign Trade Advisers

In order to prepare students to carry out international projects, IESA has forged a partnership with the Conseillers du Commerce Extérieur (French Foreign Trade Advisers).  During English-language training sessions, these volunteer consultants draw upon real-world case studies to teach IESA students how French companies operate abroad in cooperation with local governments and businesses.  This understanding of intercultural dialogue in the business world is essential for students wishing to organize cultural and artistic projects abroad.   

French Language and Civilization courses at the Sorbonne.

In order to help our non-francophone students improve their French speaking and writing skills, and to familiarize them with their chosen field, IESA has signed a contract with the Sorbonne’s French Language and Civilization program (CCLFS).  During our jointly-run “Preparatory year,” the CCLFS leads French-as-a-foreign-language courses, while IESA provides preparatory classes in the students’ field of specialization.  The program stands as a mark of our commitment to foreign students.
The schools of the Studialis network:  our valued partners.

In order to ensure that our students are taught by the very best specialists in their chosen field, IESA has set up a teaching partnership with certain other schools from the Studialis network.  Thus, we now offer a joint MBA with the Paris School of Business (ESG Group), with classes on the management of cultural and artistic activities, taught entirely in English.  IESA offers classes on subjects relating to the cultural sector, while PSB offers those related to business and management.  IESA has also built a partnership with the Conservatoire Libre du Cinéma Français (French Cinema Conservatory), which has resulted in a joint series of evening classes on the history of cinema entitled “Move It.”