Study trips:  Discover the world’s cultural heritage with IESA International in Paris.

As part of their programs of study, IESA students spend a week each year discovering the cultural heritage of Europe.  These mandatory study tours for art students expand their knowledge of international heritage by exploring artistic and historic cities.  IESA also organizes optional travels throughout the year to give students an opportunity to experience heritage and culture firsthand.  

Study trips
First-year undergraduate students in the Art Market take an introductory field trip to Florence in the spring to familiarize themselves with Renaissance masterpieces. 

In the 2012-2013 school year, first-year undergraduate students in Cultural Events Management will visit Lisbon through a partnership with the University of Lisbon and ISCTE-IUL.

Students in the MA program in the History and Business of the Contemporary Art Market, or the MBA in Artistic and Cultural Event Management, take an autumn tour of the contemporary art galleries of Berlin and Amsterdam (with an additional stopover in Venice for the Biennale every other year). 

In February 2017 students from the MBA in Cultural Entrepreneurship & Tourism MBA in Arts & Luxury Management took part in a trip accross the Champagne region

Optional trips
Other trips give students the opportunity to meet with professionals — gallery owners, artists and curators, among others – to deepen their knowledge and take a first step into the professional world.  

In October, we visit London and its famous Frieze Art Fair, where galleries from around the world come to exhibit their artworks.  

This spring, Asian culture was in the spotlight, with a trip to China.

In March and during Dubaï Art Fair, IESA students have the opportunity to go to the Middle East and travel together to Doha, Abu Dhabi, Doha…