Centrally located in Paris, IESA arts&culture is a private institution of higher education specialized in the management of the arts (Art markets; Art curation; Performing arts; Cultural mediation ; Cultural heritage) and production (Performing arts / Contemporary music). IESA arts&culture hosts about 700 students, 100 of which attend the courses of IESA International, the department that delivers courses and degrees in the English language (Bachelor, MBAs, MA). IESA’s thriving neighborhood is known for its cafés, artists’ studios, small shops, artisans, and street art. 

IESA education methods combine the critical study of works of art with the acquisition of practical skills through internships. Students attend classes and lectures in museums and historical sites, and their education is enriched by their proximity to major artworks and cultural events. 

This proven, hands-on approach has helped us secure numerous partnerships with leading universities and cultural institutions across the world who value our students’ practical approach.   Our partners in the Erasmus and international exchange programs value IESA’s reputation and send us the foreign students from 30 countries who make up 10% of our student body ever year. Our collaborators are located in Senegal (Madiba, Dakar), China (Chengdu, Tianjin, and the Research center of the University of Tsinghua), Europe (Portugal, Hungary, UK, Ireland, Croatia, Poland, Italy), the USA (SUNY, Purchase), Peru (Corriente Alterna, Lima), and Brazil (PUC Rio). 

IESA has become a cultural meeting ground where both French and foreign students benefit from enriching foreign perspectives, and can build an international network of contacts and friends.

Virtual visit of the campus:

IESA:  prestigious French school with an international profile 

IESA’s international expansion began nearly 15 years ago with the organization of international conferences and study trips, the invitation of foreign professors, and the opening of IESA offices abroad.  Since then, providing international opportunities has been our constant priority, allowing our students to become as mobile as possible within a very international sector.   

Since its founding in 1985, IESA has always considered European and International partnerships to be the way of the future.  An international profile is essential in the field of cultural goods and services, and IESA has always ensured that it forms a key part of our teaching methods, program content, exchanges, and partnerships.   

This allows us to better evaluate job opportunities abroad in sectors where multi-national, and in particular European, projects are important.  Thanks to what we have learned from our dialogue with foreign institutions and professionals, IESA constructs specific new programs and integrates new ideas into existing ones, to give students a real competitive advantage.  The presence of foreign instructors in our teaching team and foreign students in our programs are also part of our international profile.

International development

IESA is now present in Paris, London, Brussels, and Beijing! 
    •    2000: Opening of an office in Brussels
    •    2003: Creation of the IESA-UK branch in London
    •    2004: Joining of the Campus-France network
    •    2007: Signing of the Erasmus University Charter
    •    2009: Opening of the Beijing office
    •    2011: Creation of the MBA in Arts and Cultural Management
    •    2014: Creation of the MBA in Sales Display and Collecting
    •    2016: Creation of the MBA in Art and Luxury Management
    •    2017: Creation of the MBA in Performing Arts Management, MBA in Art Collecting Management
    •    2021: New Bachelor in Arts Management
    •    2022: New Master "Managing Art and Cultural Heritage in Global Markets" (MAGMa) in collaboration with universities in Glasgow, Lisbon, and Rotterdam