Art Business Programs

IESA INTERNATIONAL offers students the following one-year professional graduate programs in Art Business in English, validated by the French state. These international art programs are designed for students interested in developing solid professional skills and knowledge:

·       Knowledge of the art market (France’s and international markets)

·       Knowledge of art history

·       Marketing and digital marketing

·       Buying, selling and collecting art

·       Curating art

·       Mounting exhibitions

·       Managing art works

·       Cultural Heritage management

·       Etc.

These Art Business degrees give you the opportunity to study art administration in Paris. With its museum, arts galleries and auction houses, Paris is an ideal place for international students passionate about art and willing to pursue a career in arts and cultural management. Experts in these sectors teach these programs and allow students to build attractive networking possibilities. Each program also includes an internship and a professional project.



Programs in Paris

MBA Art cultural management paris

MBA in Arts and Cultural Management

City : ParisDuration : 12 monthsFees : 18.000€

This arts and cultural management degree is designed to develop students’ understanding of the art and performing arts sectors and develop professional skills in arts management and business. Professional studies are underpinned by courses on the history of twentieth century art and theatre, providing students with a hands-on experience of the artistic and cultural backgrounds.

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Sales Display collecting

MBA in Contemporary Art: Sales, Display and Collecting

City : Paris and LondonDuration : 1 yearFees : 12.500€

This graduate degree in contemporary art prepares students for a career in the contemporary art market. They gain insight into the evolving demands of the international art market in a global context: the economics and structure of the markets, expertise of art objects, and arts management. Core courses in finance, management techniques, omni-channel marketing and communication, expertise and knowledge of art law and regulations provide students with a successful skill set to enter the international contemporary art market.


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Art & Luxury Management: The French touch

MBA in Art & Luxury Management

City : Paris and LondonDuration : 1 yearFees : 12.500€

This luxury brand management MBA in Paris covers the art and luxury sectors with a focus on France and its cultural excellence. This program will allow you to start your career in luxury brand management. Taught in English, it explores luxury brand management, sales and distribution of luxury products using the themes of taste and luxury à la française from Louis XIV to present-day France. Themes covered include France’s luxury market, the French arts de la table, the French fashion industry, gemology, cosmetics and fragrances, interior design, furniture, art objects and design, scenery and décor, etc. 

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Professional Master’s program in Cultural Entrepreneurship and Tourism

MBA in Cultural Entrepreneurship and Tourism

City : ParisDuration : 1 yearFees : 12.500€

The goal of this program in cultural tourism is to train students to manage, develop, and promote the tourism industry in particular regions and cultural sites. Core teaching focuses on a range of skills in tourism management and heritage tourism necessary to become an entrepreneur in the tourism sector: financing, regionally-focused marketing, public policy, targeting your audience, developing community-based strategies, implementing seasonal touristic programs, marketing products, visitor satisfaction, and sustainable development.

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Bachelor French Art

Bachelor Expertise in French Art

City : ParisDuration : 1 yearFees : 8.600€

This undergraduate degree in French art an culture is aimed at students who have already studied some history of art but wish to develop a more specialised interest in the history and business of art. those short art courses offers a final year of study at undergraduate level, leading to the award of a Bachelor degree (Titre II, validated by the French state). This bachelor gives you the opportunity to study art history in France. It is suitable for students interested in following a gap year art program abroad.

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