Graduate programs application procedure

MBA Entrance Requirement

  • Candidates must have obtained a 4 year undergraduate degree (B.A., B.Sc. or equivalent).  Students with a 3 year BA degree can be admitted to the 16-month program.
  • Students in their final undergraduate year may apply for admission and will be required to provide proof of graduation prior to full registration.
  • 1 year work experience necessary for students who completed a B.A. in three years.
  • English proficiency IELTS 6.0 required.


When to apply?  

We accept students onto a rolling basis however we strongly encourage applicants to contact us as soon as they can. Applications are considered until July 1st. Late applications may be accepted. 

If you are thinking of applying to our MBA, please send us the following documentation:

  • The Application Form 
  • A CV or professional resume
  • Cover letter of circa 2,000 words to explain motivation and professional goals
  • Official transcripts of studies
  • Copies of diplomas
  • 2 letters of recommendation (academic or professional)
  • Official score of a standardised English exam (TOEFL, IETLS) for those individuals who are not native English speakers
  • 4 ID pictures
  • Photocopy of valid passport or identity card
  • Application Fee of €90

Undergraduate programs application procedure

The program is available to anyone who has completed two or three years of undergraduate study and is entering the final year of their undergraduate education. Your grades must be the equivalent to the US GPA of 3.00 or a grade average of B-.

If you are a non-native English speaker, you should speak sufficient English to follow the lectures and assignments (6.0 IELTS score)

1)    The application form

2)    Two reference letters

3)    Transcripts of the last year of undergraduate study completed

4)    Copy of your passport

5)    International health insurance certificate

6)    Two recent passport-sized photographs

  • You will be sent a written test to evaluate your knowledge and understanding of key art historical issues.
  • On receipt of all the above, you will then be offered an interview, either in person or though Skype with an IESA tutor.
  • Once the interview has been conducted, you will be sent a registration form which you must complete and return with a deposit of 2000 euros.

Summer Session application procedure

  • This program is available to anyone at the undergraduate or postgraduate level whose grades are equivalent to the US GPA of 2.5 or the European equivalent of C+.
  • If students are non-native English speakers, they should speak sufficient English to follow the lectures and assignments.
  • Gap year students or students who wish to learn more about France before pursuing their university studies are also welcome.
  • Students can choose between taking the course for credit or not

Hours and credits

Credit is given by IESA at 2nd and 3rd year undergraduate levels. If you want to take the course for credit, check with your University that they will accept these credits. IESA is validated by the French Ministry of Culture and Education.

  • French (beginners or intermediate)  - 4 ECTS
  • Masterpieces of French Art - 4ECTS
  • The Art Market in Paris  - 4 ECTS

To Apply

  • Fill out the application form 
    • copy of your passport
    • international health insurance certificate
  • If you are taking the course for credit, then please also send:
    • Certificate of undergraduate studies at your current place of study.
    • Letter from your college supervisor agreeing that your college will accept the ECTS credits and transfer them to US college credits.

Disability support

IESA arts&culture facilites are fully accessible to people with disabilities. During the application process, the applicant with a disability fills out a form in order for IESA to assess the necessary accommodations for successful education within the School and professional insertions to be planned. The application interview may be adapted according to the disability situation.

Following the admission interview, the student may request a meeting with the disability support officer for the School or Galiléo Global Education group :

Disability officer for IESA arts&culture : Boris Grebille,

Disability officer for GGEF : Aurélie Delvalée,


Once registered, the student will meet with the pedagogy director in charge of academic accommodations as well as the manager of professionalization. Together, and on the basis of the disability form filled out earlier, they will work out the necessary adjustments and specific accommodations for optimal access to education at IESA arts&culture. 

For any question on welcoming and supporting learners with disabilities, candidates and learners may contact the disability commission at IESAarts&culture :