Get ready for the new immersive exhibition: NIHILO

Created by @pauline_plnq and @laura.jezequel, two students in the Art&Luxury MBA, NIHILO/ @nihiloparis deals with cultural resonance within different artistic practices. The exhibition aims to curate an international display of contemporary art.

With the rise of a global pandemic, cultural exchanges have been shut down. While we were lockdowned in our homes, we had no possibilities to interact with each other or with physical artworks. As we are slowly but steadily going back to pre-pandemic habits, we realize that communication never truly stopped during the pandemic. It just found its new media. It evolved to become ever more digital. However, with virtual communication and digital culture, we have also created a glass ceiling, something cold and lacking humanity in the way we approach social interaction.

Through the chaos of the outside world, our exhibition, NIHILO attempts to bridge this digital gap via the use of Yugen, a Japanese concept.

NIHILO will display many artists from different origins but are all based in Paris today. It includes Tyler Thacker/@tyler_thacker_official (first picture), Wenyu Zhu/@wenyuzhu_jade (second picture), Louise Rocard/@migi_migi_dog_whispererJuan Gugger/@juan.gugger and many others.

It will take place from the 5th to the 8th of July in a very atypical gallery (3rd picture) at the center of the Marais, 10 rue des Ecouffes, with an opening on the 5th starting at 6pm.