IESA arts & culture, an international school for careers in the arts and culture market, has created a unique program that combines language proficiency in English with courses in art history and European culture. This tailor-made program has been designed as a preparatory year for the Bachelor in Arts Management and the English-language MBAs at IESA arts&culture.

The Foundation Program prepares future students of the Bachelor in Arts Management by enhancing their English language skills and introducing them to the specific language of the art market, while also providing a foundation in art history. This Foundation Program will enable them to enroll in courses that develop knowledge and professional skills applied to careers in the arts and culture market through classes, workshops, and modules on art law, sales, exhibition and marketing, as well as the digitization of the art trade and fundraising, which are fundamental tools in today's art market. 

By refining practical skills applied to arts and culture management and gaining an understanding of the theoretical foundations of the art world, students are prepared to face the challenges of international markets and contribute to the digital transformation of the industry. The instruction takes place on the IESA arts&culture campus, in the heart of Paris.


of students in the MBA programs taught in English come from more than 25 different countries.


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This foundation program, is a one-year or semester-long course that includes English language instruction and academic preparation. It is specifically designed to bridge academic gaps and enhance your English language proficiency, enabling you to qualify for admission to undergraduate or postgraduate degree programs.

The program's distinguishing feature is its focus on providing students with comprehensive theoretical knowledge to excel in various fields within art and culture, such as the art market, cultural management, multimedia, theater, cinema, and more.

By enhancing their linguistic, methodological, and cultural competencies, international students will be well-prepared to confidently address both academic and professional challenges

Further studies:

Upon completion of this program, students have the opportunity to further their studies in various English-language programs offered by IESA arts&culture, including:

How to apply?
How to apply?

How to apply?

Course requirements:

  • English language proficiency at IELTS level 5 or equivalent.
  • High school diploma or equivalent for pre-admission to Bachelor 1. 
  • A BA degree or equivalent for pre-admission to MBA.
  • Admission is based on an application and interview process.

Access modalities:

  • Application forms.
  • Academic interview by telephone or a video call.

The admission decision will be communicated by email.

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