We are proud to announce that our MBA candidate Laura Leach is producing an exhibition at the Espace Canopy in Paris 18 “D.RAD” opening April 1st-22nd.

The D.Rad exhibition is originally an academic project funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 program. It presents six artists who use the universal language of art to interpret the phenomenon of political, social and cultural polarization. With these works curator Dr. Maggie Laidlaw seeks to reflect on the "self" and the "others" in order to question the "us-versus-them" mentality by showing individual histories and shared identities.

The exhibition will run from April 1st - 22nd  (opening on April 1 @ 6pm) at 19 rue Pajol, 75018 and will be fueled by a para-curatorial program that encompasses workshops, lectures with visionary leaders of the Parisian ecosystem as well as interviews with the artists. These media activities have been designed for specific audiences to further interpret the works and nuance the conversation. As a community player and champion of access to art, Canopy Space looks forward to exhibiting these international works in this vibrant, multi-ethnic neighborhood.

Visual artist Emily Brooks Millar focuses her work on American and British political debates and adds a satirical tone. Lew-C is a non-binary musician and visual artist whose work focuses on issues of identity and spirituality through film compositions and song. Frances Ryan makes collages using various materials or vintage ephemera in this image saturated world. Alan Stanners is a painter exploring the theme of difference through insects. Veljko Vučković is a painter and PhD student whose work uses existing images to comment on authoritarian regimes and fractured communities. Stefan Lukic is a photographer, performer and activist whose work explores the symbolism of place and the role it plays in connecting and dividing peoples.

The D.Rad Project is supported by Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) and led in Paris by Stephen Sawyer and Roman Zinigrad of the Center for Critical Democracy Studies of the American University of Paris (AUP). 

Laura Leach is the producer of the Canopy Space.

"Collaborating with such a diverse group of academics, thought leaders and artists on this pan-European, multi-disciplinary project has been a fascinating experience. Each artist interpreted the theme of cultural, social and political polarisation through an intricate and personal lens which has made the ensuing dialogue nuanced, historical, and yet incredibly relevant for today's world. I am looking forward to bringing together different communities within the Paris ecosystem during the month of April at the exhibition's vernissage and paracuratorial events."


                                                           Laura Leach,  MBA candidate, Arts&Cultural Management, 2023

Press contact: Laura LEACH - TEL: 06 75 42 32 37
                                                           E-mail address: laura.k.leach@gmail.com


The D.Rad Project is supported by Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) and led in Paris by Stephen Sawyer and Roman Zinigrad of the Center for Critical Democracy Studies of the American University of Paris (AUP). Laura Leach is the producer of the Canopy Space.

The exhibition in Paris continues the dialogue that began with the first edition of exhibition held in Belgrade last December.

Address: Espace Canopy,19 rue Pajol 75018, Paris
Access : Metro Line 2, La Chapelle

Contact :

Laura LEACH, Producer, MOB: 06 75 42 32 37
Website: https://www.espacecanopy.fr/
E-mail address: espacecanopy@gmail.com
TEL: 01 40 34 47 12