Digital Art exhibition: Nobody Sees Us: Rewiring our Communication System

The exhibition, "Nobody Sees Us: Rewiring Our Communication Systems" explores the hidden structures of communication networks and the ways in which they can be rebuilt, reconstructed, and reshaped through the digital medium.

This exhibition is titled after Sylvia Plath's poem "Mushrooms" .The show features works that reveal unseen frequencies and waveforms. Textiles link nature to the digital world, and computers expose hidden internet structures.

Through these works by artists Kate Geck and Mark Farid, we can see things that have become visible, to imagine and reimagine communication in new ways.

Nobody Sees Us, iesa Arts&Culture
Nobody Sees Us, iesa Arts&Culture

The exhibition juxtaposes physical and virtual worlds, exploring the similarities in the structures of nature and culture, and the trinity of waves, frequencies, and physics.

The exhibition invites us to explore our complex networks and rethink the ways in which we communicate with each other.

Curated by IESA’s MBA in Contemporary Art: Sales, Display and Collecting students.

ARTISTS:                    Kate Geck (Australia) and Mark Farid (England)
DATE:                          From 23rd of May to 26th of May, 2023
OPENING DATE:      Tuesday, 23rd of May, from 6PM to 9PM
ADDRESS:                 IESA arts&culture, 1 Cité Griset, 75011 Paris 

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The artists:

Kate Geck is an artist living on unceded Wurundjeri and Boon Wurrung land in Melbourne/Narrm. She works with emerging materialities to attune to the connections between humans and technology.
Her textiles explore thresholds between the physical and the digital, creating sites of resistance that think through alternative agendas for networked technologies.

She is a lecturer in Interior Design at RMIT University.


Mark Farid is an internationally recognised Artist, Researcher, and Lecturer in Fine Art at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London.
He specialises in the intersection of the virtual and physical world, and the effect new technologies have on the individual and their sense of self. Mark’s work embodies hacker ethics, such as a focus on privacy policies, use of surveillance technologies, and campaigning for data privacy and protection.

His work forms a critique of social, legal, and political models.

The Partner:

IESA arts&culture:
Centrally located in Paris, IESA arts&culture is a private institution of higher education specialised in the management of the arts and production. IESA arts&culture hosts about 700 students, 100 of which attend the courses of IESA International, the department that delivers courses and degrees in the English language (Bachelor, MBAs, MA). IESA education methods combine the critical study of works of art with the acquisition of practical skills through internships. Students attend classes and lectures in museums and historical sites, and their education is enriched by their proximity to major artworks and cultural events.


ISEA international:
ISEA International is an international non-profit organisation fostering interdisciplinary academic discourse and exchange among culturally diverse organisations and individuals working with art, science and technology. The main activity of ISEA International is the International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA), an annual gathering of the international art, science and technology community. The symposia includes an academic conference, exhibitions, performances and workshops. It is a nomadic event and is held in a different location every year. Selection of ISEA symposia is made by the ISEA International Foundation Board on the basis of a competitive bidding process.


Sterlla Ahn, Nobody sees us, iesa Arts&culture

Strella Ahn:
Art Project Manager

As a project manager with a passion for contemporary art, I am excited to collaborate with ISEA 2023 Symbiosis symposium to showcase two extremely talented artists, Mark FARID and Kate GECK, at this upcoming "Nobody Sees Us" exhibition. I am thrilled to work alongside an enthusiastic and creative team, eager to collaborate and bring this project to life. With my experience and love for the art world, I am confident in our ability to create an exceptional event that presents the latest trends in contemporary digital art.

Simsi Kaempf,Nobodysees us, iesa Arts&Culture

Simsi Kaempf:
Communications Director

Working on the digital exhibition “Nobody Sees Us: Rewiring Our Communication System” has given me a platform to work with an amazing team and challenge myself in the arts and communications department. I am grateful to the school, ISEA, and my teammates for this opportunity to showcase the works of Kate Geck and Mark Farid.

Lillian Donohue, Nobody Sees us, iesa Arts&Culture

Lillian Donohue:
Curator/Artist Liaison

The “Nobody Sees Us'' exhibition has been a great opportunity to work with the ISEA team and get to know more about digital art.

As curator and artist liaison, I am very grateful to our artists, Kate Geck and Mark Farid, for being so wonderful to work with. We are very excited to see the exhibition come to life at the IESA gallery

Olga Korovina, Nobody sees us, iesa Arts&Culture

Olga Korovina
Artist liaison and logistics coordinator 

I am so excited to be collaborating with both the ISEA Arts&Culture and my fellow teammates for the digital art exhibition Nobody Sees Us Rewiring Our Communication Systems. In my role as an artist liaison and logistics coordinator, I am confident that this experience will enable me to refine my skills in handling loan agreements and fulfilling the artistic needs of the exhibition.

I am especially appreciative of the opportunity to work alongside exceptional artists like Kate Geck and Mark Farid for this remarkable digital art show.