Person «ELLES» Manifestos is an organic exploration of identities and activism channeled into art that is candid, honest, and provocative.

Assimilating multi-disciplinary perspectives from China, Syria, and Mexico, Person «ELLES» Manifestos is a collective reflection on a universal topic – how women’s bodies are represented in art, from the era of Eve to today.

Taking place in Fall 2022 in Paris, this visual art exhibition blends diverse yet converging narratives that explore gender issues, female emancipation, politics, war, societal hierarchies, and human empathy to re-interpret the female body, or parts of it, as cornerstones to provide alternative perspectives.

By breaking away from the traditional conception of the female body as a passive receptacle for male desire, theartists in Person «ELLES» Manifestos actively liberate and reclaim the female body, infusing it with new meanings so it may express strong political and social beliefs.

Art activism has multiple expressions – from the loudest perspectives to the most subtle ones, from the socially engaged rallying cries to the more individual, intimate portraits.

Person «ELLES» Manifestos is not only limited to the participating artists’ artistic statements. We open the debate and create space for all visitors not only to experience but to express their own manifestos.

We are excited to welcome you on this journey. Please join us at the Vernissage or Exhibition Opening, held on the 15th of September at 18h00 at Espace Canopy, 19 Rue Pajol, 75018 Paris.

Our Team

Laura Leach is the Financial and Administrative Director for the exhibition. A California native, Laura worked as an Executive Assistant at Orange and then at Morgan Stanley’s Wealth Management division before pivoting to arts and culture. Having lived in Paris and other parts of France for the past six years, Laura enjoys visiting exhibitions and flower shops around Europe and reading in urban green spaces. Following the exhibition, she hopes to work in commercial galleries that have an international footprint to better understand how this sector of the art market operates. As for Person «ELLES» Manifestos, Laura is most excited to interact with the public and lead the guided activist tour of Paris, one of the team’s para-curatorial events. 

Laura Leach

Financial & Administrative Director 

+33 6 75 42 32 37

Laura Leach photo
Basel jbaily photo

Basel Jbaily is the Production Director for the exhibition. Basel is an Arabic and English content professional with a longstanding passion for art and culture. He has over ten years of professional experience working in art institutions and museums in the Middle East. Notable exhibitions Jbaily participated in include El Anatsui: Triumphant Scale, KAWS: He Eats Alone, Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams, and Kazakhstan Pavilion at the Dubai Expo 2020. He recently launched his consulting career in Paris and is working with FIFA and The Art Pledge. His experience working for Qatar Museums makes him a pragmatic and thoughtful Production Director for Person «ELLES» Manifestos, aware of how to manage the complex logistics involved in mounting an exhibition. Basel is looking forward to working with the artists and the partner gallery, Espace Canopy to make the exhibition a powerful platform within the Parisian art scene.


Basel Jbaily
Production Director 
+33 7 66 78 91 38

Yaroslava Omelinska is the Artistic Curator for the exhibition. Previously, she worked as a studio assistant for French artist, Julie Rebecca Poulain who is based in Rome, and additionally in the administrative department for “Mystetskyi Arsenal”, the Ukrainian national museum. In the course of her Art History bachelor’s degree, Yaroslava discovered her passion for post-modernist and post-feminist research of modern and contemporary art. This academic background provided her with valuable research skills that facilitated the curation of this exhibition. In the future, she would like to work in sales and administration of a contemporary art gallery.

Yaroslava Omelinska
Artistic & Curatorial Concept Director 
+380 50 411 7855

Lorenza Arada photo

Lorenza Aranda is a content creator and communications specialist originally from Mexico City, who has called Paris her home for the last five years. With experience in communications, journalism, and management, Lorenza is now jumping into the art world with the group exhibition Person «ELLES» Manifestos. In charge of the communications and marketing strategy, Lorenza’s approach to the exhibition is very artist-centric. She is eager to showcase how each expresses their individual manifestos and translate that through social media to the exhibition’s broader audience and the Parisian art scene.

Lorenza Aranda
Marketing & Communication 
+52 55 3967 7012

Weitong Li is a graphic design specialist and mediation director for the exhibition. She grew up in Beijing, China before moving to New York City where she graduated from Parsons School of Design, proficient in various design software programs. Previously, Li worked in the marketing department for an auction house, designing magazines and catalogs. At each exhibition she visits, Li enjoys seeing how the gallery guides, brochures, and exhibition catalogs are designed and presented. Her passion for art, typography, and creative design inspiration has helped the team shape the visual identity for Person «ELLES» Manifestos. She is leading all creative design elements for the project from the master document to the activist map. 

Weitong Li
Paracuratorial & Mediation 
+33 6 65 18 95 86