IESA Faculty Lassla Esquivel

UK-based art historian and curator specialising in contemporary art and the art market. She has an MA in History and Business of the Contemporary Art Market by IESA arts&culture and the University of Warwick. She has vast experience managing commercial galleries and has collaborated with non-profit organisations. In 2016, founded Periferia Projects, a curatorial platform creating connections from Latin America and other emerging markets to the UK and Europe to promote collaboration with new galleries, artists and institutions. She has produced and curated shows in Latin America, Asia-Pacific, Europe and the UK. She operates between two strands: one producing commercial and curatorial projects; and another more academic oriented, doing research and teaching. Her research interests currently are focused in emerging markets, private museums and its relation to the art market. Her latest research has been published by Routledge on the anthology: Art Museums of Latin America Structuring Representation in March 2018.


Contemporary Art: Sales, Display & Collecting