Meet our faculty Indraneel Banerjee at IESA arts&culture:

Indraneel Banerjee conducts the accessibility and mediation workshops for the MBA in Performing Arts Management & Entertainment students.

he holds an MSc and MBA in Arts and Cultural Management from IESA, Paris and the Paris School of Business. With over a decade of experience working at the intersection of culture, communications, and social good across France, India, and Kenya.

Indraneel has worked closely with several actors within the cultural space, building partnerships around climate action amongst museums in India, working with artists, venues, and audiences in fostering a more accessible culture for people with disabilities, and working with new-age cultural start-ups and innovative organisations to prepare them with the tools they need to grow and succeed.

Working with future cultural professionals as a professor at IESA arts&culture and other institutions, Indraneel aims to inculcate an innate thinking to build a more inclusive and accessible cultural world, where all artists, audiences and practitioners can participate together.

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