Meet our faculty in IESA Arts & Culture: Sáng Huynh

With over a decade of marketing experience within the creative sector, Sáng Huynh brings a wealth of expertise to her role as a Professor of Marketing in the Arts at IESA, where she also earned her MBA in Contemporary Art: Sales, display & collecting.

Having immersed herself in the world of curatorial practice for the past eight years, Sáng has cultivated a deep understanding of art, design, and the human experience. Her commitment to the arts and advocacy led to the founding of The Art Vacancy, a women-led arts organization based in New York. In her capacity as Director, she drives transformative marketing and business development initiatives.

Among her notable exhibitions are Eremocene (2023), The Ripple Effect (2021), Moments in Time (2019), Origins (2019), Measures (2018), The Next Gen: John Yuyi (2018), Passion Vs. Pragmatism (2017), and Máu Xanh: The Blue Series (2015). Additionally, she served as a co-curator for Architecture and Abandon (2015), collaborating with graffiti writer Adam Stab. Through her work, Sáng continues to explore the profound connections between art and our lived experiences, leveraging her extensive marketing background to expand her reach and impact internationally.

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