Venue: L’International, 5 Rue Moret, 75011 Paris
Date: Jan. 17th 2023
Time: Starting 20:30

Female narrative matters – Julia Drouot, Gogo Gadgets and Kat Galie ready to go on stage in Paris

Organisers: Zongru ZHAN, Yuchen CHU, Jingxian WANG
Students of our MBA in Arts & Cultural Management program: Performing Arts track and
MBA in Performing Arts Management program

"La Force" is a live concert project organized by three MBA students from IESA Paris: Zongru, Yuchen, and Jingxian. Supporting local female artists and their female narratives is the critical value of this project. Julia Drouot, Gogo Gadgets and Kat Galie will be performing for this project on January 17th, at L'International. “La Force” also emphasizes interdisciplinarity by applying visual arts as a part of the staging, to deliver a better understanding of the narratives and the artists in various ways. We have Alejandra Álvarez providing her creation for our event. 

“La Force” is a live concert project dedicating to support local female artists. The key concept is recognizing the value of female narratives in the music industry. To fulfil this purpose, we have invited three emerging artists in Paris: Julia DROUOT, Gogo Gadgets and Kat Galie, presenting their creative and unique music works.

Julia Drouot is a French singer-songwriter who has released 4 singles since 2020 including the most recent hit <Corps à Corps>. She studied piano and graduated from Conservatoire. She’s distinguished with her tender melodic composition and her emotional delicate singing.

Gogo Gadgets is a Belgian singer-songwriter. Self-taught in music production during the pandemic, she talks about her life stories, feelings and emotions very openly in her music, including her attraction to another woman, her father’s alcoholism and the loss of her grandfather in her first pop-electro EP <Insomnie>.

Kat Galie is a singer-songwriter from Poland bringing her new album <Meltdown> on stage. In her creation the musician blends different styles of music, from indie, groove and even funky vibe to warm ambient, making this combination an entrancing part of the alternative genre.

Besides the musical experience, “La Force” emphasizes also on interdisciplinarity by applying visual arts as a part of the staging, for the purpose of delivering a better understanding of the narratives and the artists in various way. We have Alejandra Álvarez providing her creation especially for our event.

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About us: 

Zongru ZHAN – Artistic Director, Administrator

After getting his bachelor’s degree in French language in China, he decided to pursue a higher level of studies in languages and intercultural field. Meanwhile, he has been making music and developing his personal musical projects. In 2021, he found out IESA with MBA in Arts and Cultural Management, which showed him another new possibility for combining his passions and his professional skills together. In the future he wants to have more contribution to the world by spreading positive messages in the form of music.

“I’m really glad that I have this opportunity to organise a concert in Paris, it could be a once-in-a-life-time experience, and I’m holding it to practice the knowledge I’ve learned, and to do something real responding to my concerns for equal rights in the society”

Mail address: courant0429@gmail.com

Zongru ZHAN – Artistic Director, Administrator , IESA art&Culture
Yuchen CHU – Production & Finance Manager, IESA art&Culture

Yuchen CHU – Production & Finance Manager

After working in design industry for two years, she decided to move to Paris to continue her MBA in performing arts management in 2022. In addition to her bachelor’s degree in product design, she was a dancer for nearly 10 years. She has never lost her passion for performing, and also for the transition from dancer to manager of behind-the-scenes.

“Infinity, diversity and courage are the perspectives that art and culture bring to me. I believe art is the combination of the mystery of nature and the unique ideas of human, and it takes courage to bring it into reality. La Force is our very first step!”

Mail address: yc.chufr@gmail.com

Jingxian WANG – Marketing Manager

MBA student in Performing Arts Management & Cultural Industries, with two international internships in different backgrounds in 2019 & 2020, she’s also a cellist with a great interest focusing on the classical music industry. 

“I’m glad to debut my career in cultural management with the support of the teachers and classmates in IESA, it’s a unique experience, this project is made with love, and we are trying to bring new energy to this industry.”

Mail address: jingxianwang97@163.com


Jingxian WANG – Marketing Manager, IESA Art&Culture
Alejandra Álvarez – Visual artist, IESA art&culture

About our visual artist

Alejandra Álvarez – Visual artist

Born in Bogotá, Colombia, Alejandra completed her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, Italy, where she obtained the highest grade awarded with her graduation thesis and the honorable mention Cum Laude (2021). She is currently a student of cultural management at IESA arts&culture.

Fascinated by the rich culture of her country, Alejandra evokes the nuances of everything that makes her Colombian in her current European context through her art. The concept of identity is central to her artistic quest. For Alejandra, identity is something that is constantly being constructed and destroyed, and each label she has chosen to adopt is for her both a border and a home. This duality between the words she uses to define herself are the backbone of her work.

Woman, Latina, queer, migrant. Alejandra aims to create space for others to relate to her interior struggles and needs by creating an honest depiction of everything she feels, in her paintings.

Mail address: lejandra.alvarez.pol@gmail.com


La Force Paris




Julia DROUOT, IESA Art&Culture

Gogo Gadgets

Gogo Gadgets, IESA Art&Culture

Kat Galie

 Kat Galie, IESA Art&Culture