Restaurant in Amboise, Oil on Canvas, © Alexander Kalnitsky

This project enables us to apply the knowledge gained in IESA classes to real-world scenarios. During the practice, it allows us to develop crucial skills, such as critical thinking, problem-solving, communications and decision-making skills, which are vital for success beyond the classroom.

Yunzhou LI

This experience gave me the opportunity to put in practice the theory we learned so far. It was amazing working with the curatorial team and sharing  ideas. Eventually we designed an exhibition I’m very proud of.

Federica Lo Iacono

Working on the exhibition at IESA toughy us various valuable lessons, such as teamwork and collaboration, attention to detail, planning and a deeper understanding on Mounting an exhibition.

 Katerina Xenous

Paris, 31st May 2023: Russian artist Alexander Kalnitsky is bringing “The Geometry of Perception: Alexander Kalnitsky’s Narratives” to IESA Gallery on 31st May 2023. The exhibition will be showcasing 30 artworks from the artist throughout his career.

Kalnitsky was classically trained under the school of Vladimir Stergligov in St. Petersburg, with a thorough understanding of Impressionism and Cubism. He immigrated to the United States in 1987, and has had his works exhibited at reputed galleries including Neuhoff, Leonard Hutton, Enchanted Forest and many others. His works are in the Zimmerli Art Museum collection, the Ingrid Hutton Collection, as well as various private collections in the United States and abroad.  

Immersed in the rich artistic and cultural tradition of St. Petersburg and combined with a forward-thinking perspective of the American art world, each of Kalnitsky’s works exudes analytical precision as well as the unique sense of drama belonging to the Russian Avant-Garde movement, expressed in classic modernist composition, colors and contrasts. 

The subjects of the exhibited paintings ranging from portraits, cityscapes to architectural paintings. A unifying vision is Kalnitsky’s own wondering of the world - his questionings, curiosities, epiphanies as they filter through the lens of his inquisitive mind: The theatricality linking the everyday life to what unfolds on stage and on canvas; the careful balancing act of circus workers and the intricate arrangement of city streets. In Kalnitsky’s eyes these geometries are organically and unquestionably the same. 

Among the selected works for the exhibition, “Notre Dame Under the Bridge”, “Seine River Embankment” and “Sienna in Red and Yellow” are a group of paintings in the early 2000s when Kalnitsky explored the European architecture through his unique analytical composition. “Restaurant in Ambrose”, “A House in the Oregon Valley” and “House in Ambrose” represent his more recent works, where this same inquisition is taken into another dimension, yet the balance never falters, and the narrative only deepens as Kalnitsky’s signature use of color blossoms into a meandering riot. 

The exhibition will be held at the gallery of IESA Arts&Culture from Wednesday, May 31st to Thursday, June 1st. The vernissage will be open to public at 5pm to 10pm on 31st May.

Alexander Kalintsky, IESA arts&culture


Alexander Kalnitsky studied under the school of Vladimir Sterligov in St. Petersburg. Finding these traditions to be much more interesting than the official art schools, he explored the methods of the impressionists, Cezanne, and Cubism. Later he went on to study at the St. Petersburg State Academy for Theatre Arts earning a master’s degree in stage design. While a student, Kalnitsky came under the influence of the avant-garde school of analytical art of Pavel Filonov, which transformed his perception and became formative in his artistic career. Kalnitsky has had various solo and group exhibitions in St. Petersburg. In 1987 he immigrated to the United States, and has since been living in New York City. 

A House in the Oregon Valley, iesa arts&culture

A House in the Oregon Valley

House in Ambros, iesa arts&culture

House in Ambrose

Notre Dame Under the Bridge, iesa arts&culture

Notre Dame Under the Bridge

Sienna in Red and Yellow

iesa arts&culture
iesa arts&culture