Good Good Humor Day Day Art - in the rack room #34: An exploration By our MBA Contemporary Arts: Collecting, Sales, and Display students

Exhibition showcasing works by: Yuqiu Mao, Rui Yamaguchi, Sojin Kim, Jianze Zhao

Curated by Good Good Humor Day Art Group, IESA Paris
Opening reception: Tue, Jun 25, 2024, 6pm—8pm
Exhibition dates: Jun 25 — Jun 28, 2024

The exhibition project GOOD GOOD HUMOR DAY DAY ART presented a series of works by Asian artists based in Europe with cross-cultural backgrounds.The selected works included a series of installations by Chinese artist Yuqiu Mao; video works by Japanese performance artist Rui Yamaguchi; video works by Korean artist Sojin Kim; and performances and workshops by another Chinese artist Jianze Zhao.

The exhibition used the differences between Eastern and Western cultures as the source of inspiration, and explored the challenges of identity and confusion that Eastern artists living in foreign lands often face when they are culturally lost, and “Humor” may be a way to break through this dilemma and allow wanderers to enter the exit of the world situation with a more comfortable attitude.

About the artists:

Yuqiu Mao, China: 

Yuqiu Mao is an artist who is interested in the violence generated by mutual games in interpersonal communication. In her series of installation works, especially the work Mandatory meeting mm 2023, by mimicking the shape of the Judas chair, the artist uses a humorous way to reshape the source of violence or record the process of violence.

Rui Yamaguchi, Japan:

Rui Yamaguchi is an artist who creates performance-based video works. He visualizes the boundaries that divide our consciousness, such as language, culture, and geopolitical themes, and explores ways to overcome, merge, or separate them. His witty video work Unbalanced Walk 2024 uses a shaking umbrella as a metaphor for the struggle of living in Paris as an immigrant artist. At the same time, it also symbolizes the turmoil in the world during the war between Palestine and Israel.

Sojin Kim, Korea:

Sojin Kim is an artist living and working in Berlin, Germany. She mainly makes experimental videos and performances. The work Tear Garten 2021 is about the artist's failed love story ten years ago in which she looks back while she takes a stroll at Berlin's Tiergarten. The interest thing is that the artist calls this work a digital poem,because it is to be read and not performed.

Jianze Zhao, China:

The final artist Jianze Zhao,who is a London-based political artist and flaneur, graduated from the Royal College of Art , her practice is concerned with Care critique, everyday life practices, humor, and diaspora.

In her recent performance work “Imitate newspaper” 2024, one sees a sense of humor prompted by language barriers. When all translations of language and images fail, a creature that comes to a strange land begins to use his/her own body to process the information and visuals to spread them.

As an introduction to Berlin for our artists, the GOOD GOOD HUMOR DAY DAY ART project aimed to demonstrate sharp and humorous insights into daily life through the works of four artists, while dismantling the unspeakable situation while rediscovering the vitality of life.
Liselotte-Herrmann-Str. 26 (HH), 10407 Berlin

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