Exhibition in the IESA arts&culture gallery

Step into a world where time seems to slow down, and traditions from East and West gracefully converge in a harmonious blend of flavors and melodies. "L'INFINI" - an enchanting evening that seamlessly wove together a traditional tea ceremony and a captivating concert, curated by our talented MBA in Performing Arts Management and Entertainment students, Ke WANG and Yurong YAN at the IESA gallery on Jan 9th, 2024. 

As we entered the IESA gallery, the atmosphere was infused with anticipation and cultural richness.

During the ceremony, the participants were invited to feel the rise and fall of the tea leaves in the water, hear the interplay of Eastern and Western musical instrument cultures, smell the charm of traditional Chinese incense, touch the warming utensils from the Ru kiln, and see, as far as the eye can reach, the poetry. The curators, with a passion for both tea and the performing arts, invited the participants to partake in the drinking of tea and the enjoyment of music but also to appreciate the exquisite artistry that emerges when these elements converge. 

"L'INFINI" was an immersive journey into the profound beauty of culture, nature, and life - a masterful performance where every tea leaf and every musical note contributes to the symphony of the evening.

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