Date: January 20th – January 21st on campus
Address: 1 Cité Griset, 75011 Paris


We define musical care as the role of music — music listening as well as music-making — in supporting any aspect of people’s developmental or health needs, including physical and mental health, cognitive and behavioral development, and interpersonal relationships.

The Musical Care International Interdisciplinary Network is proud to organize its symposium entitled:

Breaking Through Disciplinary Barriers: Emerging Approaches in Musical Care
On 20-21 January 2023 at IESA arts and & culture - 1 Cité Griset, Paris, France

9h coffee and tea ; 9h30 start time

This symposium will explore inter-disciplinary perspectives on broad range of musical care and performing arts practices from private experiences to public ones.
Sessions will be organized on five axes: Education, Technology Applications, Psychology, Performance Science and the The Future of Musical Care.
Sessions are for practitioners and researchers from a broad range of disciplines and practices to encourage discussion of cross-disciplinary perspectives.
Through group discussion, the aims for this symposium are:

  1. To introduce ourselves to each other
  2. To bring together interdisciplinary perspectives on musical care
  3. To consider the possibility of future events and how these events can serve interested participants.

Our students from the Performing Arts MBA will follow this seminar and network with these academics and professionals. Two members of faculty are involved: Phillip Cartwright, Phd music specialist and Fabrice Bonniot, Gestalt Therapist and Coach at IESA.