Our students Ludovica Baldrighi, Martina Conte, and Emma Woods from MBA in Arts & Cultural Management program and Caitlin Brown from our MBA in Contemporary Art program join forces to bring you Requiem for an Entourage which will take place from October 29 through November 1 at Galerie Maëlle, (Vernissage on October 29th at 18h).

This exhibition will explore the concept of alienation within different types of spaces, whether socially or culturally, and how, as humans, we attempt to feel a sense of connectivity and togetherness once again. The artists explore the idea of memories within the context of feeling whole and a part of something larger, rather than being an independent entity and alienated from these memories. 

Requiem for an Entourage includes the work of five artists from different backgrounds, culturally, socially, and artistically. All of the artists take the theme of alienation and use it as a tool of inspiration in an effort to feel connected again in their own media, forms, and sections. 

From the complex works of Nefeli Papadimouli, that comment on the relationship between human beings and the ins and outs of society, to the works of Aditi Somani which explore the longingness for her cultural roots outside of her immediate space. The artist duo, Carolina Attalla and Mario Uliassi pull heavily on the concept of memory and the role they play in alienation, Paola Siri Renard explores the concept of social interactions within a given space and Lady Gueguette looks at important social issues such as feminism and how a space can make one feel alienated.

The artists explore various themes relating to the initial topic, however, all artists produce work that focuses on wanting to feel connected to our social or cultural spaces and this is what brings them together. 

Our team and artists look forward to welcoming you, and we thank you greatly in advance for supporting our project.

Ludovica Baldrighi is currently working at Skarstedt Gallery and Emma Woods, is currently working at Campoli Presti gallery.

Nefeli Papadimouli - Greek - Installation/Performance photo

Nefeli Papadimouli - Greek - Installation/Performance

Skinscapes, 2021

Textile works, mounted on wooden structures

460 x 240 x 50 cm 

c'est Normal photo

Lady Gueguette- French - Prints/Lithographs

C'est Normal, 2018

Paint on Card

42cm x 29.7cm

N'ayez pas d'amitié pour moi j'en veux trop photo

Lady Gueguette- French - Prints/Lithographs

N'ayez pas d'amitié pour moi j'en veux trop, 2018

Paint on Card

21cm x 29.7cm

nice for what marion guerineau

Lady Gueguette- French - Prints/Lithographs

Nice for What, 2018

Paint on Card

29.7cm x 40.5cm