Rivers and Roads : Meandering stories of India

From 13 December 2022 to 25 January 2023, 18:00 p.m.
AAIE Center for Contemporary Art, Via Sermide 7, Rome

Curated by Valeria Contarino, Pranitha Joseph and Zhu Yaning

On Tuesday, 13 December 2022, from 18:00, AAIE Center for Contemporary Art inaugurates the exhibition Rivers and Roads: Meandering stories of India, a group show combining the work of eleven internationally renowned Indian artists. Through paintings, installations, photographs, immersive video projections, and perfumes, the exhibition describes the fascination of India, involving the spectator in a dimension that also excites the senses.

In the crossroads of realities and memories, in the essence of our lives, as we search profusely for the meaning of our existence, a common question is instilled among those who live in and away from their country, ‘What is an India that you see with your eyes and what is an India that you can feel when you close your eyes?’

India, a country that has its foundation revolving around the stories of the freedom fight, stories of partition, stories of farmlands, the intercultural interaction irrespective of thousands of dialects; has also a foundation revolving around the banalities of life rooting back to the harsh sounds of the traffic, hot naan made on the wooden chakla, the garlands of jasmine flowers seen on the market, the sound of rivers that you wake up every day to, the sight of long beautiful sarees and more.

River and Roads being a project that evokes the sense of homeland from the perspectives of natives and Migrants presents before the viewers a chain of tales from India that are Culturally enriching and intriguing. Here we see how memories and realities are entangled. The practices of the artists in this show contest and contextualize a vivid syncretism that colors the hues of India. An ancient and modern civilization revives through this exhibition offering a new history.

Participating Artists: Arpita Akhanda, Akshay Raj Singh Rathore, Ranjeeta Kumari, Mario D'souza, Darshan Manjare, Jahnvi Lakhota Nandan, Amol K Patil, Rupali Patil, Manjot Kaur, Birender Yadav, and Vanshika Agrawal.

The exhibition is part of the Asia A+ program, a project initiated by the European Association of Independent Artists and the AAIE.

For further information on the exhibition and photographic material: info@aaie.art, cell. 3884604887


date: 13 December 2022 – 25 January 2023
Opening hours: Tuesday – Sunday: 14:00 – 19:00
Adress : AAIE Center for Contemporary Art, Via Sermide 7 Roma. Italy 00182
Website: www.aaie.art
E-mail: info@aaie.art
Tel: +39 06 9760 6993

The exhibition, titled Rivers and Roads: Meandering stories of India is a group show with 11 Internationally known Migrant and native artists of India, thereby drawing a portrait of the country from both perspectives. Myself and my Co-curator, Valeria Contarino are envisioning a project of curating continuous shows internationally as part of which this exhibition is our first Milestone. AAIE, being a contemporary art center based in Rome,  was indeed a great platform to conduct this exhibition as the gallerists, Zhu Yaning and Wang Yongxu were highly supportive of this idea and helped us throughout, especially in the most challenging times. 

Elizabeth Pranitha Joseph, IESA Art&Culture

Elizabeth Pranitha Joseph, MBA candidate in Contemporary Art: Sales, Display & Collecting