Our project Self-Continuity explores the interconnections between one’s past, present and future to gather a collective consciousness. A collective manifestation deeply rooted in individual awareness and universal values to ensure a harmonious future. Values of borderless and unconditional love, respect, empathy and compassion - for the present moment, for each other, for the environment.

Witnessed through the eyes of contemporary artists, the exhibition navigates learnings for us to keep in their blooming cognisance. Traveling from Africa, continent of 54 countries equal a variety of diverse cultures, religions, politics and environment; the works intend to evoke questions of self-identity, retaining harmony and relation within and between communities. In the depth of Ugandan artist Francis Nnaggenda’s words, “I’ve come to realise that when you look at the core, we are the same, we are the same…if we can’t learn from ourselves then we become…thin.”

“Self-Continuity is a project that will always remain very close to me. Together with a beautiful team, I was able to bring an idea to life. The very essence of the concept was influenced from my personal journey and discovering myself in Paris. Along with gaining practical experience in organising an exhibition, I am very thankful for this opportunity and the people it bought together.”

Damini Kulkarni (India)
Curator and Artistic Director
(MBA in Contemporary Arts: Sales, Display, Collection)

“Self-Continuity was a fulfilling experience which gave us the opportunity to dive in all the aspects of creating an art exhibition as a team. For this project we were extremely lucky to collaborate with a gallery and several renowned and talented artists who gave us full freedom and trust. I look forward to showing this project to the public and hearing their feedback!”

Clotilde Delaunay (France)
Production and Artistic Director 
(MBA in Contemporary Arts: Sales, Display, Collection)

“Working on Self-Continuity project, I gained more knowledge on how to create an exhibition professionally and the spirit of cooperation in a team. Our creative process was strongly influenced by the art and culture atmosphere in Paris and at IESA. I am thankful that I'm in Pairs and working on the project with people who I love being around.”

Zhiming Liu (China)
Marketing and Communication
(MBA in Contemporary Arts: Sales, Display, Collection)

“I always considered art as a universal language, but after starting to work on our project, I understand that art can not only create bridges between cultures and generations, but also bring people together despite their differences. I'm extremely grateful to be part of such a beautiful team of outstanding individuals. Looking to see all of you on OUR show.”

Oleksii Riasnyi (Ukraine)
Mediation and Para-Curatorial Program
(MBA in Contemporary Arts: Sales, Display, Collection)


“Working on this project has helped me to adapt to situations, to get the job done and learn new things such as art from Africa. I personally like promoting artists, who are the heart and soul of art exhibits. Thanks to the mentoring of our advisers, we were able to make it work.


“We are intricately and inextricably intertwined 

to share a common destiny 

with things, creatures, environment and people. 

I see you in me.”  

“We are what we think, 

Our thoughts attract events of similar frequency. 

Here, together we manifest compassion.”


Self-Continuity is here to unfurl love within you - for the present moment, for each other, for the environment. 

Re-awaken yourself to unveil your godhood. As, if you will, have the choice and power to determine your present. 

When: January 13-18, 2022

Where: Afikaris Gallery  

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