Explore the highlights of the Vernissage and Artist Talk with Sarah Knill-Jones for the Shifting Selves exhibition, expertly curated by our MBA in Arts and Cultural Management students, including Evgeniya Makarshina, Federica, Maria Merone, and Giulia Gagliardi, at the IESA Arts & Culture gallery.

The exhibition, hosted by IESA Arts & Culture, aimed to delve into the fluid and ever-evolving concept of identity, examining the processes that shape our sense of self and their profound impact on self-awareness and our perception of the world.

Curated from a diverse range of artistic mediums like painting, photography, and video, the showcased works prompted viewers to reassess their own identities, challenge societal norms, and cultivate greater empathy and understanding for others.

Sarah Knill-Jones, the featured artist, has a rich exhibition history, including solo shows at esteemed venues like the Baku Museum of Modern Art and The Centre for Contemporary Art in Baku, Azerbaijan. She has also contributed to duo and group exhibitions globally, spanning locations such as Poush Manifesto (Clichy, France), Studio 1.1 (London, UK), Tripp Gallery (London, UK), The Royal Scottish Academy (Edinburgh, Scotland), Largo Das Artes (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), among others. With affiliations to notable institutions like Trélèx in Switzerland, Proyecto & Ace in Buenos Aires, and Poush! Manifesto in Aubervilliers, Paris, Knill-Jones' artwork is held in prestigious collections, including The Victoria & Albert Museum (London, UK), The University of Northampton (Northampton, UK), The Modern Art Museum (Baku, Azerbaijan), and various private collections.

The exhibited works, including the triptych 'The Passion According to G.H.,' inspired by Clarice Lispector's novel, and projects like 'BREXIT,' 'Je t’aime moi non plus,' and 'The (Dis)appearing Woman,' showcased for the first time in Paris, added a captivating dimension to the display.

We'd like to congratulate the entire team for putting up this narrative-driven exhibition. The effective curation and presentation played a crucial role in conveying the exhibition's overarching concept impeccably!