Studying art history can be a journey of enlightenment, it makes the perception of the world around you different and also expands your intellect. The course gives you a great insight into the various transitions that occurred at different time through the artworks and pieces that existed during those times. An example of some of the artworks that take us through this transition are the works of Leonardo da Vinci, Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, Sandro Botticelli, amongst many others. All these works were studied and facts about the period they were made, were drawn from them. 


France has a long and rich history

France is one of the countries that have the most beautiful cities in the world. It is house to Paris which is considered by many to be the ‘city of dreams’, the city has so many eye-watering sights and contains so many architectural masterpieces. It also comes with a historical background that is undoubtedly one of the best places to take a gap year abroad to study art history the tourist destination and where contains most of this great edifice is the city of Paris. France has housed so many of world famous artists, and many other artists have also at one point in their lives been to Paris to study the works of other artists. The country is culturally and traditionally endowed with art materials and edifice ranging from architectural masterpieces to art pieces, to photography and even graphic arts. There are also several events in France that are performed to celebrate and recreate the work of most artists that were involved in the performing arts. 


Studying art history courses in Paris

Many universities in France offer art history courses, most of the best ones though are located in Paris. It can also be a chance for you to see first-hand where they got their inspiration and use it to your learning advantage. They also afford you the opportunity to take courses that focus more on a particular art style or art movement. The city is considered to be the epicenter of France and has so many available programs that you have an excellent range of options to choose from. It is considered to be France’s center of government, technology, and arts. Some of these courses are impression and post impression, photography in Paris and many others. They will help provide added skills that you can use to foster your career in the art world

There a several major reasons to study art history in Paris. The city has some of the most famous museums in the world which is The Louvre, and even this also stands for the most visited museum in the world. 


Experience original art pieces from the masters

Various museums in Paris exhibits the original paintings from different artists. These paintings and other pieces of original artworks portray historical timelines of different culture and tradition and while most of them have had assumption made about them. There is still a lot to learn from these artworks. So while in Paris, you can take time to learn about these artworks or visit the museum to see what you have been taught in reality.


Sketch in the open air around the city

One of the stablest ways to enjoy the beauty and charm that Paris carries both in its atmosphere and in its surroundings is to get your sketch pad, sit in the open air and try to captivate the beauty. Some sceneries are awe-inspiring, and you can sit along the Senie and use any tool of your choice to get what you see in a self-expressing way.


Follow the culture

There are several ways to get a feel for the French culture. You can follow street art and look for visual exhibitions. You can also look for performances that depict the history of the city. Also, several events are going on every week that will get your knowledge enriched about the culture of France. So when you are done, you are not only knowledgeable about art history but you also have lasting memories that will stay with you and even help in your knowledge of art.

It will be a very fantastic way to see all that you have seen in books or read about in art books. The city of dreams will have you learning on the street, in the culture and even in the classrooms. There will be a lot of sites for you to explore, a lot of adventure to be had and unforgettable memories to trail you forever even after you are done with your studies.