With the MBA Performing Arts Management and Entertainment 

The cultural diversity in Berlin makes it also one of the richest places for creativity. It’s a multicultural city with a diverse population and varied cultural scene with artists from all backgrounds and disciplines. This is why the Berlin study trip for our MBA Performing Arts Management and Entertainment students is always on the calendar. 

In June, our program director Alexander Ovechkin and professor Fabrice Bonniot organized this trip which included professional visits and meetings to some of the most prominent private and public institutions. 

The schedule included a meeting with Mattias Lilienthal, Artistic Director of the festival "Performing Exiles", a private visit to the iconic Berlin Philarmonic, meeting with Anne Brammen, the Programming and Communications Manager at Balhaus Ost; a venue for independent theater, performance, dance, music theater and music, meeting with Sasha Disslkamp at Clubcommission and Toula Limnaios and Raplh R.Ollertz at Toula Limnaios contemporary dance company . 

study trip to Berlin, iesa arts&culture
study trip to Berlin, IESA arts&culture
study trip to Berlin, IESA arts&culture