Highlights from the MBA Performing Arts & Entertainment Management Study Trip to Brussels

Our MBA Performing Arts & Entertainment Management students were recently in Brussels for a study trip, led by Professors Alexander Ovechkin and Fabrice Bonniot.

Brussels is home to numerous international organizations, including the European Union institutions. Our action packed trip provided students with a unique opportunity to understand how cultural policies are shaped at a continental level and how they impact the arts and creative industries globally.

The trip included a meeting at Creative Europe with Sylvain Pasqua, Team Leader for Cultural and Creative Industries at the EU Commission. Since 2014, Creative Europe has supported projects fostering cultural diversity, promoting artistic expression, and boosting the economic potential of the creative industries. This session offered students an insight into innovative artistic expression and the redefinition of art creation, while also allowing them to network with influential figures in the European cultural sector. These connections pave the way for future collaborations, internships, and job opportunities.

Whilst exploring the dynamic arts scene, provided our students had the privilege of meeting with the management of Ancienne Belgique (AB Concerts), including General Manager Tom Bonte, Artistic Director Kurt Overbergh, and Production Manager Kristof Van Dijck. Known for showcasing both emerging and established artists to a broad audience, AB Concerts gave students an exclusive backstage tour and the chance to attend the concert 'Peter Broderick & Ensemble 0: Arthur Russell’s ‘Give it to the Sky.'

The itinerary also featured a visit to the ULTIMAVEZ dance company, where students met Gilles Noël, Manager of Participation. They enjoyed a guided tour of ARGOS, including a meeting with Events Coordinator Matilde Silva Fry. 

The trip continued with a tour of La Monnaie, a visit to PARTS (Rosas) Dance School, where they met Program Coordinator Steven De Belder, and concluded with a meeting with Head of Live Arts Guy Gypens at KANAL–Centre Pompidou.

This trip to Brussels was a blend of education and inspiration, fostering learning and growth for our students in the MBA Performing Arts & Entertainment Management program. 

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