Zhiyu Dai is a IESA Alumna who graduated from IESA's MBA in Arts and Cultural Management. She now works in Paris as a producer and artistic director

 IESA Alumni Zhiyu Dai1. Thank you Zhiyu for sharing your testimonial as an alumni with us. Can you tell us what your academic and professional backgrounds were before joining IESA?

 Before I joined IESA's MBA in Arts and Cultural Management, I graduated got a postgraduate degree in fashion design and management.


2.      What motivated you to join IESA?

I was always interested in culture and arts and hoped to have a systematic training that could equip me with necessary skills and confidence to work in that area. I felt that IESA would meet needs and expectation. 


3.      Is there a particular reason you wanted to study in Paris?

I have been livng in Paris for almost six years. I think Paris has this unique air to immerse you into the world of arts, history and culture, which can inspire you a lot.


4.      What skills did you develop while studying at IESA?

Communication skills. I feel like communication is the first step to carry out our ideas. And when I was studying the MBA in Arts and Cultural Management, we had many opportunities to meet and talk with different artists and cultural participators, which helped us shape this skill. Besides, I studied sociology of the arts, which also is an essential tool for me after I graduated. It extended my way to consider performing arts and culture impacts on the public, which helps me developp a sophisticated view while developing cultural projects.


5.      Can you share a personal experience you enjoyed during your stay at IESA?

I met many friends while I was studying at IESA [who are now IESA alumni]. We always supported each other and created many good memories together.


6.      Can you tell us more about your current professional situation? I was told that you are the co-founder of Art World Forum, can you tell me more about this?

After I graduated, I carried out a project named “Imagining Light” in Paris, which was an experimental live performance and was partnership with La Générale.  I worked as a producer and artistic director for that project in terms of selecting artists and aesthetic directing. Recently I also participated in other art projects as a performer. For instance I performed a light show during a free improvisation concert at La Générale.  


7.       What piece of advice would you give to another student interested in studying an art business graduate program?

The MBA in Arts and Cultural Management is full of opportunities for students to actually do things in the field. Go catch those opportunities with courage and determination.