Chelsea Noxolo Mhlanga testimonial

1. Which program are you currently enrolled in? Why did you select this


MBA in art and luxury management, I selected this program because it is alignment with my long-term career pursuits of becoming a contributor towards sustainable and empowering creative practices within an industry that is so influential to what people pursue and perceive as success.


2. What is your favourite class so far?

History of decorative arts. Pierre is a fantastic lecturer who apart from teaching the history of decorative arts, influences how you communicate about luxury and decorative arts.


3. What is your current position?

I’m the social media manager of MAZARINE, a global independent creative tech platform for luxury, fashion and culture brands. 


4. What do you think are the most important skills you are currently learning?

Agility, Rigor and Consistency. We have a ton of work to manage around, our classes, personal assignments, learning French and group projects that it can feel somewhat overwhelming. However, that is the pace of an environment I previously worked in at Breinstorm Brand Architects a branding agency in Johannesburg and the speed I believe I will engage in after my studies.


5. Is there anything else you would like to share with future students in the


“I know nothing, but I am the authority of my own experience” - Jeff Goldblum. If you are entering into this program, come into it curious and engaged, art history is strange, conspicuous consumption is too, but you will always leave a class filled with compelling knowledge and asserteinto the person you want to become within this field.