1. Which program are you currently enrolled in? Why did you select this program?

I am currently enrolled in the MBA Performing Arts & Cultural Management program which is the school's first edition. I chose this program mainly because of its curriculum offering a great balance between theory and practice, the school's reputation and network in France, the study trips, and its international focus. 


2. What is your favorite class so far?

It is very difficult to choose a favourite class because I find all learnings very useful for my future career.  I enjoyed a lot the classes of History of Performance, Audience Development, Cultural industries, and Performing Arts Production. Classes as IP Law and French legal requirements have also been essential for the better understanding of the industry. 


3. What do you think are the most important skills you are currently learning?

We are learning a lot about current cultural trends, the importance of developing multidisciplinary projects, how to develop an audience and partnerships. An important element of the program are all the professional meetings we are having with established institutions, which helps us broaden our network and create professional relationships while we are still studying. 


4. Is there anything else you would like to share with future students in the program?

Be proactive, curious, take over activities, learn as much as possible from the teachers as they are great professionals, make the most of the professional meetings organised and study trips, prepare well, and be open to a multicultural environment!