Beatriz Moita

Beatriz Moita, our MBA in Performing Arts  student completed her Title 7 project in partnership with our Latin American Department headed by Grécia Caceres. She tells us about this project "Traces & sutures" which took place in the Quipu 2021 Festival organized by the Peruvian Embassy in France. 

What can you tell us about yourself and your passions ? 

My name is Beatriz, I’m 24 years old and I’m from Portugal. I lived in England for 3 years and did a degree in psychology but I’ve always been fascinated by the performing arts. I’ve done some acting for the stage, short-films, co-directed some plays while in school. I’ve also danced as a hobby and during my free time I love to go to exhibitions and watch live concerts. 

What is the program that you follow at IESA ?

Due to my passion for the performing arts, I chose IESA’s MBA in Performing Arts in order to get a deeper understandingof the backbone of the industry. 

What is your training at IESA ? 

My training at IESA is under the MPAE program, an international program dedicated to the study of management of performing arts.I also completed IESA's pre master programm prior to this, which was able to give me a little bit more of background before initiating the masters

What are your goals with this Project ? 

 My personal goals for this project are to get real, hands-on experience in curation and production of creative events. I think IESA really does a great job at encouraging their students create a real event from scratch , it gives us an opportunity to really understand all the different elements that go into producing a cultural event. 

Can you pitch us the exhibition ?

It’s an exhibition that is being featured in the festival QUIPU, celebrating Peruvian art in Paris. It’s also a great honor to introduce our project during an important period of the history of Peru since this year the country celebrates 200 years of independence. Our exhibition, Traces et Sutures features the work of three talented Peruvian artists, Kay Zevallos Villegas, Maria Fernanda Geldres and Hernan Hernandez Kcomt.

The exhibition, through the eyes of these three artists looks at various elements related to the history, tradition and cultural practices and invites the public on an audiovisual journey to discover their significance as well as their cultural, political and societal impact. Through acknowledging the existence of wounds, and initiating a dialogue we are able to begin a suturing process, connecting the dots, to begin to heal and unify. 

 What are you working on right now ?

 So right now I’m very invested in working for this exhibition. However I’m still finishing my MBA, which includes finishing my classes and coursework, including my thesis. At the same time I’m starting to look for internships within the music and theatre industries.

What are your plans for the future ?

For the near future I'm hoping to successfully complete the rest of my degree and to hopefully getting an internship in the area of production of performative events in Paris.

After this, my goal is to return to Lisbon with more experience and to work there.