From Engineering to Art: My Transformative Journey at IESA and the Launch of TAK Contemporary

Having worked in the field of Engineering, I was quite new to the field of contemporary art when I joined IESA (Institut d'Études Supérieures des Arts).

I enrolled in the  MBA Contemporary Art: Sales, Display and Collecting program to have an in-depth understanding of the art market. Transitioning from a technical background to a creative and artistic environment was challenging, but the exposure and support I received from the management team as well as the professors at IESA was truly transformative.

After having done internships at both 193 Gallery and the Carpenters’ Workshop Gallery, I recently started my own initiative ‘TAK Contemporary’ (IG: @takcontemporary), along with two of my colleagues, Damini Kulkarni and Shubhankar Pr., to promote Indian contemporary art in Paris. The resources and knowledge I gathered at IESA have been extremely valuable for me in setting up my own venture.

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