Fernando Vidal Núñez Gómez - MBA program in Arts & Cultural Management

Having originated from the vibrant cultural landscape of Mexico, I began my academic journey by relocating to France to immerse myself in the world of arts and cultural management. My pursuit led me to enroll in the prestigious MBA program in Arts & Cultural Management at IESA International, a decision that has since shaped my professional trajectory.

Currently, I contribute my expertise to Sotheby’s in the dynamic realm of the "Post Sales Luxury" department. Prior to this, I garnered valuable experience at renowned institutions such as Galerie Olivier Waltman and Artivive, leveraging the knowledge and skills acquired during my tenure at IESA.



Beyond my corporate engagement, I am driven by a profound passion for promoting and showcasing Mexican contemporary art on the global stage. As a testament to this commitment, I founded Rosso-Indigo-Arte, a platform dedicated to the curation and representation of Mexican artists. Through this organization, I am to foster a broader understanding and appreciation of contemporary Mexican art.

Looking ahead, my vision extends beyond borders, and I aspire to broaden the impact of Rosso-Indigo-Arte across Latin America. I am enthusiastic about representing talented artists for innovative projects and exhibitions, forging partnerships with esteemed contemporary art galleries and museums. By doing so, I aim to contribute to the rich tapestry of Latin American art and facilitate meaningful connections between artists, institutions, and art enthusiasts on an international scale.

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