I have a degree in Fashion and Textiles Design from the esteemed Hong Kong Polytechnic University, specializing in Fashion Design. My educational journey took a pivotal turn at IESA Arts & Culture in Paris, a leading institution renowned for shaping future leaders in art, culture, and luxury education.

During my time at IESA, I immersed myself in a diverse curriculum encompassing Art & Design History, Luxury Law, Web Marketing, and Branding. This education became a cornerstone for my career, equipping me with the knowledge needed to thrive in the evolving luxury industry.

My professional journey includes a transformative internship at AIKA, where I ventured into the realm of digital creation. This experience, coupled with my academic background, has allowed me to contribute to prestigious luxury brands like Paco Rabanne, Stella McCartney, Dom Perignon, and Histories de Parfums. My roles have ranged from art direction and graphic design to production.

Eager to enlarge my skills, I furthered my education at Sup de Pub Paris, specializing in UX management and innovation strategies. Currently pursuing a second MBA in Digital Marketing and Business, I serve as a Digital Art Director at Digityser, providing cutting-edge digital solutions to French restaurants.

For more insights about my journey and experiences at IESA Arts & Culture, please explore my portfolio

Whether you're interested in art education, luxury management, or digital marketing, I invite you to connect and discover more about my passion for creating in the dynamic intersection of art and business.

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