Exploring the Fusion of Art and Psychology: A Journey Through IESA's MBA in Arts and Cultural Management student Jinyang BAI

After studying contemporary art at the École Nationale des Beaux-Arts in Limoges and obtaining a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology at the University of Lyon 2, I have been trying to find a direction that combines my love of psychology and art. IESA's MBA in Arts and Cultural Management met my needs better than art therapy, as I preferred to plan events combining art and psychology for the general public rather than traditional one-on-one psychotherapy.

My experiences in Paris and at IESA have been a very exciting part of my life. The most enjoyable part of every week was the art history outdoor class with Daniel! We were able to view original works of art together in museums and major galleries, art fairs and auction houses. It is a unique experience that you can only have in Paris; one of the major art hubs.

The overseas portion of the tour is always exciting as well! For example, we went to the Venice Biennale in Italy, ARCO Madrid in Spain and Art Basel in Switzerland with our classmates and teachers. The daily group projects also taught me a lot about teamwork and how to choose teammates.

Because of my hobby and passion for art collection, I came to work at GAO'S GALLERY in Southern France, and I also set up my own art association with my friends in Paris. I also plan to open my own gallery in Switzerland and China later on, to contribute to the exchange of art between the East and the West, just like my boss did.

IESA teaches us about artist research, art criticism, art market, media criticism and museum law, which gives me a more comprehensive perspective in my work and practice.

The dual degree with the business school is also very cost-effective.

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