My name is Madeline Bobo (Colorado Springs, CO) and I finished my MBA at IESA during the 2020-2021 intake. My degree was Art and Luxury Brand Management and it is when I found my passion for perfume.

I wrote my dissertation on International Niche Perfumes and Expansion Into the United States Market, while highlighting one of my internships at a French Niche perfume company as a brand case study.

I studied art and design in my undergrad, so I was surprised when I came across niche perfumes and it was thanks to IESA. In one of my Luxury courses, my professor had a strong background associated with fragrance brands and he taught us a lot about niche brands.

After visiting and interacting with multiple perfume collections, I knew this was a field I had to be a part of. 

Madeline BOBO, IESA Arts&Culture

After graduating, I continued living in Paris and started working as a consultant for a few fragrance brands in Paris and started my own company, The Bobo Attitude, to advise customers on discovering their signature scent.

The consultation is experienced as a tour starting with a questionnaire to gain some insight on the customer, their tastes, and their budget.

I introduce them to what ‘niche perfume’ is and present a couple brands that are exclusively sold in Paris and then create a custom experience based on their preferences.

We then visit multiple boutiques and try many fragrances on the skin to see if they are ‘working’ with you. By the end of the consultation, everyone has found a new signature scent to walk home with. 

For more information on perfume tours and The Bobo Attitude, please visit the website: or book an experience through AirBnB experiences!