A journey through the Art World

My journey into the art world began when I was a child growing up in Moscow, in a family of architects.

I was always surrounded by books about art and a creative environment. I had a strong desire to learn and explore more about the international art market, which is why I moved to Paris to study at IESA and pursued the MBA Contemporary Art : Sales, Displaying, and Collecting program. This program has greatly helped me to reconsider the market value of art and learn more about the mechanisms of the international art market

Currently, I work as an art consultant and curator, collaborating with contemporary artists by presenting their work and organizing shows.

I provide a full range of services, including curation, public relations, logistics, space planning, and sales. Additionally, I work with clients on managing private sales based on their specific requests, as well as providing guidance for art fairs and art acquisitions.

I have recently launched my own company, which offers a comprehensive range of art services for both companies and individuals.

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