Coming from a background in non-cultural studies, but carrying a love for musical theater in the broadest sense, I was looking for an introduction to the performing arts field.

The MBA Performing Arts Management & Cultural Industries is both theoretical and practical, which seemed like the perfect fit! It combines a lot of different areas within the general arts management and the specialized performing arts knowledge. The courses are taught by professionals in the field who have created the material themselves, which gives a good insight in the actual industry. As there are many dedicated professors, there are many interesting courses.

This ensures a broad understanding of the topic, with enough flexibility to choose your own path based on your interests. I used the assignments to focus on the management of large musical theater- and opera institutions, whereas my classmates focused on managing their own classical music career e.g. as a pianist or cellist.

This makes for an interesting mix of people from all over the world that have one thing in common: a passion for the performing arts.

Sara Ketalaar, Graduate candidate from the MBA in Performing Arts & Cultural Industries program