Trends in contemporary Art Market

IESA Art&Culture is proud to partner with Art Media Agency (AMA) to bring you this conference on the results of their new report on the Contemporary African Art Market

When: November 8th, 2022, from 6-8 PM
Where: IESA Art&Culture, 1 Cité Griset, 75011 Paris

Hafida Jemni Di Folco:

Our Director of our African Department, Hafida Jemni di Folco, will open the conference. Hafida is a seasoned curator and art market professional deeply involved in researching the contemporary landscape of African markets in the continent and the diasporas.

Hafida Jemni di Folco

Art Media Agency publishes its new report focusing on the Contemporary African Art Market. The 60+ page document, issued in English and French, will be downloadable for free on It reviews the market developments recorded over the past twenty years and provides a detailed investigation covering more than 800,000 data points. The study, produced by the Art Media Agency’s team of researchers, analysts and journalists, goes far beyond the figures registered in public sales. It offers a global report on the production, media visibility, and presence in galleries and cultural institutions of more than 1,800 artists from both the continent and the diasporas

Two MBA candidates in contemporary art are currently working for AMA and will moderate this conference.

Pierre Naquin

Pierre Naquin:
Chair of the conference

French entrepreneur active in the fields or art, technology and innovation.

He was the founder of Art Exchange, the first securitisation platform for the art market.
He is the director of Art Media Agency, one of the premier source of information on the art industry as well as a key content provider for international medias and art professionals.

He is the publisher of Art & Taxation for the Global Art Collector as well as several reports on the art market. In November 2022, he is one of the authors of the report on Contemporary African Art (

A presentation of AMA:

Founded in 2010, Art Media Agency is a content production agency dedicated to the field of art. It produces articles for third-party medias, art market players, brands, public and private institutions. Articles include: news, reports, analytics, interviews, portraits, wide angles, thematic pieces, editorials, etc. Art Media Agency also publishes one of the most distributed professional publication on the field of art (with 240,000+ active subscribers). In November 2022, AMA produces and publishes the report on Contemporary African Art (

Jeanna Mathas photo

Jeanne Mathas: An MBA candidate in Contemporary Art:

Jeanne Mathas is a lecturer in 20th-century art and contemporary art (Institut Catholique de Paris).

After a bachelor's degree, a master's degree in museology and a master's degree in art history applied to collections (École du Louvre), she studied for an MBA in contemporary art at IESA Arts&Culture.

She is now a tour guide, journalist and independent researcher. In parallel, she is developing activities as an art critic and curator. She is the co-founder of the association Vixen with Diotima Schuck


Diotima Schuck: MBA candidate in Contemporary Art:

After a bachelor in literature and philosophy, Diotima Schuck studied art history at La Sorbonne for her master, where she specialised in the Chinese art market.

She then entered an MBA in contemporary art at IESA. Diotima Schuck is now a journalist, and works in parallel with art galleries.

She is co-founder of the Vixen association for contemporary art with Jeanne Mathas.

Diotima Schuck photo