a dialogue between Art & Luxury opens today at our IESA Gallery, 1 Cité Griset.
The exhibition is on display until July 16th.
Timings: 15h - 20h

Curated by our MBA Arts & Luxury Management student Susie LE, this unique exhibition aims to inspire unity and collaboration through an engaging dialogue between luxury and artistic expression.
The exhibition features the works of two talented artists, Rhea In and Susie Le; who bring their unique perspectives of luxury and nature to the theme.

Fininisage: July 15th at 19h

Press contact: Susie Le yesidodoyoudo@gmail.com


Paris, France - May 31, 2023  

The gallery at IESA is delighted to present "Unity" an exquisite visual art exhibition that explores the intersection of luxury and art. Curated by Susie LE, this unique exhibition aims to inspire unity and collaboration through an engaging dialogue between luxury and artistic expression.

Presentation of the Event:

Themed around the concept of luxury and art collaboration, Unity showcases a captivating collection of paintings and inspirational design elements that embody the affirmative values shared by both realms. The exhibition seeks to establish a mutual connection between luxury and art by exploring their common grounds, particularly the natural luxury escape paintings and luxury brand spirits.

(copyright Susie LE, Unity poster, May 31th, © Susie LE/Unity exhibition)

Under the visionary leadership of curator Susie LE, Unity sets out on a strategic expansion of both physical and spiritual reach to a common ground of luxury and art. It aims to cultivate a luxury lifestyle that embraces affirmative values and creates a transformative experience for visitors.

Artists Biography:

The exhibition features the works of two talented artists who bring their unique perspectives of luxury and nature to the theme. 

Rhea In, with a strong background in fine art, came to IESA to further her research on socio-economic structures, particularly in the art world. Inspired by the impressionists who painted outdoors to capture the essence of time and reality, Rhea adopted a similar methodology as a means of observing her subject matter. While her artwork delves into themes such as love, gender, power dynamics, and societal constructs, she initially employs an impressionistic style to examine the issues embedded within her symbolic imagery. However, she later incorporates an improvisational quality into her work.


Susie Le, an artist deeply influenced by Zen philosophies, focuses on the inclusiveness and unity of all existing lives. Her works convey the idea of "Inclusiveness" - envisioning a world without separations by countries, religions, genders, and faiths. Susie's art, non-individualistic in nature, explores the harmony between the earth and living creatures. Through acrylic paintings of natural themes, She interprets spiritual luxury elements to convey the philosophical concepts behind luxury brands' philosophies, encouraging the public to connect to nature.

The Unity exhibition will take place at Gallery at IESA, located at 1 Cité Griset, Paris. The exhibition will run from July 10th to July 16th, excluding the 14th, a closed national holiday.
The finissage is going to take place at 19:00, July 15th.

We invite art enthusiasts, luxury brand aficionados, and the general public to experience the captivating dialogue between luxury and art at Unity. This exhibition promises to be a remarkable showcase of reflective innovations, embodying inclusivity and unity.

For more information, please contact:
Name: Susie LE
Title: Curator
Email: lewanjing@gmail.com
Phone: +33 650 987 865

"Luxury is generally known to be exclusive and privileged. However, there are also brands expressing inspiring living philosophies beyond, and set it as an inspiring thesis inclusive for the audience who are interested in art and luxury collaboration, through innovative designs and artistic exhibitions accessible to the public.

Accessible luxury with artistic content of sophisticated aesthetic research and emotional content has powerful influence to enough audience, which shares an affirmative spirit with nature, makes the cooperation of art and luxury united and inclusive." says Susie Le, curator of Unity.

About IESA Gallery:

IESA Gallery is a renowned art space dedicated to promoting emerging and established artists from around the world. Located in the heart of Paris, the gallery strives to create engaging exhibitions that spark conversations and inspire artistic exploration.

Information to Press:

High-resolution images from the Unity exhibition are available upon request. Please contact lewanjing@gmail.com for media inquiries and image requests.