"You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the whole ocean, in a drop of water."

Keeping in touch with other citizens of the world and communicating to them what is happening in Iran is the demand of our Iranian citizens.

Artists and cultural venues have been at the forefront of supporting the uprising movement.
Inside Iran as well as outside, they have transmitted with great acuity the revolution in progress in Iran. 
Each artistic creation has been a strong link connecting Iran to the rest of the world. They place each and everyone at the center of a natural and benevolent brotherhood where beauty and connection are the key words. While the protest movement in Iran has been going on for more than 70 days, the Iranian National Assembly has called for the death of the protesters. They are mostly teenagers or young adults. Thus, more than 15.000 young Iranians are in prison, awaiting trial or already sentenced to death. 

Young people, especially children, are the targets of fierce repression. Among the 434 officially declared killed to date, 60 are children. 

women, life, freedom poster

It is a movement of revolt, in many respects, singular and whose vanguard by the role of women, its strength, its youth, its determination and which has been the center of an abundant artistic creativity.
Keeping in touch with other citizens of the world and telling them what is happening in Iran is the demand of our fellow Iranians.
The participation of students in the different stages of this event in support of young people of their age is a very strong message in Iran. The particular format of Mindful Art offers a space to feel the artworks with a lot of empathy. Thus, the sensitive discovery of an Iranian work of art during this evening will create a link between civilizations by connecting us to our common humanity. 

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The program of December 5: 
Address: 1 Cité Griset, 75011 Paris, France

6-7pm: Welcome & Performance by a group of students with the presence of Hengameh Bertschi Iranian singer-songwriter living in Paris 
7-8pm: Mindful Art Experience session hosted by Marjan Abadie travel and immerse yourself in a 17th century Persian mural in Iran. 
8-9pm: Roundtable discussion with the presence of: 

  • Nathalie Bondil, Director of the Institut du Monde Arabe (to be confirmed) 
  • Marjan Abadie, Psychotherapist and creator of the Mindful Art method
  • Pouya Abbasian, Artist

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