If you are considering pursuing a degree in Contemporary Art, you may have some nearby options to select from. However, aspiring artists may want to step away from their usual surroundings and complete their education in a place that is well renowned for famous art and artists. 

Among the places to choose from for an education in art, France may be at the top of the list for many people. This is because an education in France has much more to offer than just the education. Learn more about why you should consider studying Contemporary Art in France: 

Superior Education

One of the main reasons an art student may want to select an art school in France is to access a superior education. By attending an art institute in France, there will be greater access to great artists, who can pass along their knowledge. With such a large art collective, there will also be more opportunities for mentorship and specialized training. This can help to give you an edge in the development of skills. Also, the larger your professional network and the more connected you are, the better for your future. 

Art and Architecture

France is one of the most ideal places to study art because it offers a rich history in art and architecture. That history extends well beyond just Contemporary Art to include famous artists and artwork from many schools of art. This is good because today’s successful contemporary artists need to have a broad understanding and appreciation of art history, including various forms and approaches. Knowing about art history can inform and positively influence any artist’s techniques, approaches, and subject matter. 

Museums and Galleries

While residing in France for your education, you can take in the best art and architecture in some of the most famous museums and art galleries. A visit to any one museum or gallery can allow an aspiring artist to view a mix of famous masterpieces and the work of fellow contemporary artists. This will allow an aspiring artist to hone their eye for composition and color. These visits can also allow an aspiring artist to network and find mentors, places to showcase their own art, and even be a starting point to get a job related to contemporary art

Culinary Delights

One way to avoid the old starving artist trope is to reside in France, where you can enjoy a wide array of fine culinary choices. You can stroll the streets, enjoy a café, and have some espresso and a pastry, all while taking in the sights. This will refresh your brain and your body for the artistic process. Imagine returning to your art studio with new ideas and energy with which to develop your latest piece. Then, you can reward yourself with lunches and dinners that reflect the French culinary heritage. 

Inspiring Landscapes

Not only will you be inspired by the art, architecture, and culinary delights of France, you will also be inspired by the entire surrounding landscape. Whether you are in the city, able to take in a blend of old-world architecture, famous sites and landmarks, and modern cityscapes or in the country, you will not be disappointed by the many views. You can infuse such views into your artistic works, depicting the world around you through your own interpretation and the personal expression of your feelings. 

Temporary Escape

As you think pursuing your Contemporary Art degree in France, consider also the possibility of making your education a time to escape from your day-to-day life and the typical locations you are so familiar with. Many people do find their academic years the perfect time to do this. It is usually temporary, and it allows people to entwine their formal education with opportunities to gain a more global perspective. It is also the perfect time for sightseeing and sometimes being a tourist, not just an art student. 

European Access

Along with taking advantage of your collegiate years as an opportunity for travel throughout France, this destination also offers a great jumping off place to explore more of Europe during the pursuit of your degree. This is valuable as you can easily view more art and architecture of various styles, continuing to develop your knowledge of art history, theories, and techniques. You can also gain increasing amounts of inspiration through your European travels, by expanding your global and diverse perspectives. 

Final Recommendations

As you consider obtaining the necessary education and training for your degree in Contemporary Art, think more broadly than just what you will learn in the classroom. Know that your years in education will be your launching pad to your future in the field of art. Use that time to gain exposure to significant works of art and architecture, inspiring landscapes, and other experiences that will make you not just a better artist, but a better person, who can infuse more of yourself into your art.