If you are considering studying Contemporary Art, you may be pursuing something that you find interesting and enjoyable. Doing so can help lead you to a life of meaning and fulfillment. However, the reality of needing a job that you can use to support yourself financially may also set in. You may then wonder what jobs you can get with a degree in Contemporary Art. The good news is that there are many such jobs. Besides, you can even consider launching your career abroad. Moving abroad to study will get you a long way in this regard. For instance studying contemporary art in France could be a great way to open immerse yourself in the country's artistic and cultural heritage. 

Contemporary Art Artist

One of the most obvious career paths for someone with a degree in Contemporary Art is to become a fine artist. Many people do choose to go on to a career working as a professional artist. This is quite feasible for those with the necessary training, talent, self-discipline, motivation, and dedication. Being a fine artist can be challenging because it is a highly competitive field and one in which the artist may work as little or as much as they want to in order to succeed. 

Those with a degree and the requisite training will be more successful than those who are simply self-taught. Getting the degree can also lead to connections with mentors, studios, and other professionals in the field, that might help you to find your greatest success. 

Museum of Contemporary Art Jobs

A degree in art also prepares a person for work in a Museum of Contemporary Art. Museums employ all sorts of staff to perform various roles. There are curators and directors, who work to decide what types of art to exhibit and how to present it in a way that will appeal to visitors. These tend to be full-time positions that provide a certain level of job security. Many museums also periodically employ temporary Exhibit Technicians. These staff help to install art for exhibits. A background in understanding and handling art can be helpful for obtaining such a position. 


Earning a degree in Contemporary Art helps artists to hone their artistic skills. They can take this knowledge and apply it behind the camera lens for a lucrative career. Photographers may approach their craft from an artistic standpoint or they may work in many avenues. They might go into photography for products and fashion to be used in advertisements. They might become photojournalists for newspapers and other news outlets. They might become photographers of babies and weddings.

Having the degree can help people not only to be successful in this field but will also give potential employers confidence in the photographer’s knowledge and skills. Some photographers even go on to open their own businesses. This can be lucrative and allow them free time to also create other art forms. 

Illustrator or Animator

Many people with degrees in Contemporary Art choose to enter jobs as illustrators or animators. This allows them to apply their skills in a medium where they can convey stories, messages, and ideas to an audience. Oftentimes, these illustrators and animators will work as freelancers. This allows them to work independently with many different clients, which allows access to a variety of projects. In this way, the contemporary artist can continue to build and refine their skills. Being on a freelance basis also allows personal free time for any other projects the artist may want to work on. 

Teacher or University Instructor

Many who obtain their degree in Contemporary Art choose to become teachers or instructors so that they can pass along their knowledge to the next generation of artists. Someone who likes working with young people, encouraging their own talents, may enjoy working in an elementary or high school setting. To do this, the job can require some additional training on teaching methods. Those who like the idea of working with young adults may prefer a college setting. Typically, this can be done with just the degree in art. Sometimes, graduate-level classes will be required as well. 

Arts Administrator

For those with a degree in Contemporary Art, who enjoy being in leadership roles, an arts administrator position may be the ideal fit. An arts administrator may work for an organization, planning and organizing art-based activities. These could be aimed at groups, such as a community. Museums often also employ arts administrators to organize special events for visitors. 

Final Recommendations

A degree in Contemporary Arts equips the graduate with many transferrable, practical skills that can be applied to many different work venues. These graduates will have extensive knowledge of art history and theory. There will also be many practical skills obtained, such as being able to observe, research, and analyze. Having the mind of an artist can allow a person to think divergently, find many solutions, and solve various problems—artistic or otherwise. Artists can demonstrate these skill-sets to potential employers by sharing with them a portfolio of their work.