A Round Table Discussion at the Managing Art & Cultural Heritage in Global Markets (MAGMA)'s Orientation Day

The Master of Arts in Managing Art & Cultural Heritage in Global Markets (MAGMA) program recently welcomed its new cohort with a captivating round table discussion on the "Introduction to French Heritage in National and Regional Institutions." The event featured distinguished speakers, including Christophe Brouard, Director of Musée de Soissons, Sebastien Delot, Director of Collections & Mediation at Picasso Museum, Paris, and Vincent Haegele, Chief Curator of the Versailles Library. The thought-provoking conversation was moderated by MAGMA Program Director Adriana Turpin, offering students a unique opportunity to gain insights into the diverse facets of French cultural heritage.

The round table unfolded with each speaker unraveling the layers of significance embedded in French cultural heritage. Christophe Brouard shed light on the historical and regional context of the Musée de Soissons, emphasizing the importance of local institutions in preserving and showcasing cultural treasures.

Sebastien Delot provided a glimpse into the world of Picasso Museum, Paris, and its role in promoting artistic dialogue and understanding. Vincent Haegele delved into the vast literary heritage curated at the Versailles Library, showcasing the intersection of art and literature in French history.

Adriana Turpin, the MAGMA Program Director, guided the discussion, weaving connections between the various aspects of French heritage and the importance of Cultural heritage discussed by the panelists. Her expertise in the field added depth to the conversation, creating a cohesive narrative that resonated with both seasoned professionals and aspiring cultural heritage managers.

Following the presentations, the floor opened for a question and answer session, allowing MA in Managing Art & Cultural Heritage in Global Markets students to actively participate in the conversation. The interactive segment provided a platform for students to delve deeper into specific topics, seek advice from the experienced speakers, and foster a sense of connection with the vibrant world of cultural heritage management. 

The round table discussion on the introduction to French heritage at MAGMA's Orientation Day proved to be a cornerstone event, setting the tone for the academic journey ahead. Students left the session with a heightened appreciation for the multifaceted nature of cultural heritage and a deeper understanding of the responsibilities and opportunities within the field. The event exemplified MAGMA's commitment to providing a comprehensive and immersive learning experience, preparing the next generation of cultural heritage leaders to navigate the challenges of managing art and cultural heritage in global markets.