One primary responsibility that luxury brand managers have to understand the way a luxury company needs to be marketed so that it attracts a particular clientele. Of course, all low-end to high-end brands have management teams that market the said products.

However, companies from the luxury sector have more money for hiring professional experts and employing strategies. Therefore, this position has a higher degree of corporate implementation and must have the right qualifications needed to be successful on the job.


Detailed job description and benefits

In the competitive marketplace of today, identity is quite important for all brands. Luxury brand management is about creating a long-lasting impression on the consumers and improving market share and product sales. They, therefore, make sure that the marketing and advertising activities of the organization portray the correct message. Moreover, the key aspects of the post also include coming up with brand guidelines and ensuring that employees adhere to them.

Brand managers work closely with numerous teams, including creative agencies, marketing personnel, researchers, and product developers to make sure that the image and the values of the brand can be seen in every action. Brand managers can work for both in-house marketing departments as well as for consultancies.

Typically, brand managers work standard office hours that are 9 am to 5 pm from Monday to Friday. In some cases, evening and weekend work is necessary to meet specific deadlines, and for attending exhibitions, conferences, and product launches.

They are also needed to travel regularly to meet different creative agencies. Additionally, those that work on international brands might also need to travel overseas.


Job responsibilities

Luxury brand managers are responsible for overseeing the whole creative process either for one single product or a group of services and products. Whether they work in-house with the marketing department of an organization or for a brand, marketing or advertising consultancy supporting clients during different projects, typical tasks include the following;

Researching the consumer markets, monitoring the latest market trends, and identifying all the potential areas a brand must invest in considering the spending habits and the needs of the customer.

-  Analyzing the price of the products and thinking about its potential profitability.

-  Coming up with names for existing and new services and products as well as thinking of ideas for upcoming launches including package imagery (the fonts, colors, size, and shape).

-  Supervising the production of media buyers and printers, copywriters, liaising with art designers, road shows, exhibition stands, email campaigns, TV adverts, websites, direct mail packs, and magazine and newspaper advertisements.

-  Overseeing the sign off of marketing campaigns and literature, ensuring that the messages and designs meet the regulatory guidelines set by the brand, and liaising with compliance and legal personnel.

-  Coordinating the launch program to not only employees but to external customers as well.

-  Monitoring the consumer reactions and the distribution of the product via market research and focus groups.


Job prospects

Employers cover almost all the sectors of the luxury industry, including retail and manufacturing. In a majority of all the large commercial marketing departments, in-house positions are available. Meanwhile, other employers also include specialist and advertising brand consultancies. By the way, this is just an example, and there are many other jobs you can get with a degree in luxury brand management.

The competition for the position is high, and most people land the job after they gain a little bit of experience in product marketing or development.

Employers looking for luxury brand managers are present in all sectors including :

 Electrical products

-  drink




-  leisure

-  travel

 financial services


Skills and qualifications

A brand manager must be equipped with good analytical skills and should have instinctive feelings about future concepts of the product. He or she should also be a good listener and must be able to respond to data from consumer research and results. A brand manager also needs to be an excellent communicator, not only verbally, but also in writing.

Furthermore, you must be able to work well with different kinds of people from different areas of the said business. You must possess leadership skills and be able to inspire others along the way. Multitasking must be a strong point since you will be made responsible for handling a number of different projects simultaneously.

Other skills also include:

-  Excellent presentation skills

-  Working under pressure

-  Being passionate and energetic about the brand

-  Organizational and methodical skills are also a bonus


How to become a luxury brand manager?

It's essential that you are in interested what the competitors are doing. You must also be interested in working in product management as well as working in a busy, creative, and deadline-driven environment.

While there are no set entrance pathways, the majority of people holding such positions have a graduate degree in luxury brand management coupled with some business experience. Of course, non-graduates also have options which include pursuing a professional marketing qualification while working at a junior post. Training takes place on the job and via courses organized by various professionals. Courses include advanced level qualifications as well as introductory certificates.

Positions for brand managers are also available in in-house public sector bodies, business-to-business service providers, and charities like training, recruitment, and IT firms.


This position can lead you an exciting career full of opportunities for advancement and travel in the luxury sector. Those wanting to succeed in the constantly growing world of international marketing can opt for becoming a luxury brand manager with the proper education and experience.