IESA INTERNATIONAL offers students the following professional bachelor and graduate programs in Art Business in English, validated by the French state. These programs in France in English are designed for students interested in developing the following professional skills and knowledge:

  • Knowledge of the art market (France’s and international markets)
  • Knowledge of art history
  • Marketing and digital marketing
  • Buying, selling and collecting art
  • Curating art
  • Mounting exhibitions
  • Managing art works
  • Cultural Heritage management
  • Etc.

These Art Business degrees give you the opportunity to study art administration in Paris. With its museum, arts galleries and auction houses, Paris is an ideal place for international students passionate about art and willing to pursue a career in arts and cultural management. Experts in these sectors teach these programs and allow students to build attractive networking possibilities. Each program also includes an internship and a professional project.

Duration : 1 year Intake : Octobre

Foundation Program

One year to improve proficiency in the English language and acquire fundamentals in art history in order to join the Bachelor in Arts Management at IESA Arts&Culture. A unique program created to combine language proficiency in English with courses in art history and European culture.

Art and cultural management Duration : 2 years Intake : Septembre

MA in Managing Art & Cultural Heritage in Global Markets (MAGMa)

The Erasmus Mundus Joint MA in Managing Art & Cultural Heritage in Global Markets (MAGMa) aims to equip art and cultural heritage professionals with the skills necessary to work in a growing field worldwide.

Initiation to Arts Management Duration : 3 years Intake : Septembre

Bachelor program in Arts Management

This program is intended for students from all over the world, who wish to experience living in Paris and learn about the history, culture and arts of France, as well as acquiring the professional skills of cultural professionals consultants, art dealers and collectors.

Duration : 1 year Intake : Février, Octobre

Preparatory year in French - La Sorbonne

The French language and civilization program provides international students with a working knowledge of the French language and the methodological, historical, stylistic, technical and professional bases necessary for enrolling in one of IESA Arts & Culture’s programs. 

Performing Arts Management Duration : 1 year Intake : January, Septembre

MBA in Performing Arts Management & Entertainment

This intensive one-year MBA program trains professionals for a career in management in the performing arts and cultural industries sectors. Students gain insight to the evolving demands of the cultural marketplace in a globalized context through the study of the structures of the cultural industries, performing arts management, History of Performance, cultural economics, and design and digital studies. 

Initiation to Arts Management Duration : 1 month Intake : July

Summer Studies in Paris: French Art Market and History

Our summer studies in Paris are a short art program to learn about art, art history and the French art market. This three-weeks also give you the opportunity to enjoy the French capital during the summer.

Contemporary art Duration : 1 year Intake : January, Septembre

MBA in Contemporary Art: Sales, Display & Collecting

Professional training to acquire expertise in contemporary works of art, management and marketing.

Art and cultural management Duration : 1 year Intake : January, Septembre

MBA in Arts and Cultural Management

A programme fully taught in English to train managers of French and international cultural companies and institutions in one year.