"Future(s)" (from June 14th to June 23rd at DOC!)

Our MBA art students are preparing four final projects this month themed on the future. "Future(s)" proposes to speculate on different aspects of what is to come: Data Surveillance, Mutagenesis, Interactivity, the frontieres of human body, are explored through the lens of artists today.

État Temporaire: Mutagenèse is an exhibition from June 14th to June 23rd at DOC!

Using metamorphosis, hybridization and mutation as a starting point and observing how contemporary artists picture the current state of the incipient transformation, the exhibition Etat Temporaire: Mutagenèse is willing to question the process of change and transition.

Our exhibition features eight artists working in different fields, from painting to the exploration of material going through video art.

Representing an attempt to reflect the complex transition process, 8 contemporary artists: Agnieszka Szostek, Caroline Purgal, Carolina Fusilier, Julien Renard, Lauren Coullard, Naomi Maury and Sylvain Wavrant & Aude Bourgine, are taking an utopian guess of what might be the next step of the ongoing transformation. And here we enter a very fertile environment to question the past, the present and the future of what is (un)known. 

Join us at the vernissage on Friday, 14 June, at 6:30 p.m.

Webpage : http://www.mutagenese.fr/index.php/projet/

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Mutagenese.Exhibition/

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/mutagenese/

Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YXKVoc_JK6s&t=1s

Students from MBA in Contemporary Art Sales, Display and Collecting



"Inter-locution" (Glassbox, June 19-22) 

In the era of digitalization, humans are subject to information overload from diverse sources. In order to keep attracting the person’s attention, as well as invite his participation, the technologies are becoming progressively more interactive. With technologies being an integral part of the reality, the human in the role of a “user” expects high accessibility, simplicity and 

clarity of content. Through the use of technology, humans strive to fulfill the innate need for interaction through various means of entertainment. The consequent enjoyment fills in the void created by the human tendency to solitude.

This desire to be engaged and connected at all times also translates into the relationship between the artist, artwork and the audience. The triangle is largely dependent on the everchanging power flow present between them. Relationship conditions could change according to attitudes, one has before the facing the artwork and completely could transform during the 

process of connection or physical relation in the space. This process is cyclic, intimate, internal or even sacral, and the triangle is bound by countless invisible junctions.

The exhibition aims to focus on interactivity in visual art. Our idea is to question the relation between the artist and the audience in context of the future. With what forms, ways, could the spectator be more connected to art. How deep can this connection be and where are the limits in relation?

We try to observe this relationship flow, while focusing on different human senses through interaction with varied media, without falling into the entertainment.

Exhibited in Glassbox Espace d'Art from June 18-23.

Glassbox gallery:4 Rue Moret,75011 Paris.

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/events/4-rue-moret-75011-paris-france/exhibitio...

Support us on GoFundMe : https://fr.gofundme.com/interlocution-exhibition-iesa-paris

Students from MBA in Arts & Cultural Management Art Track




"Semblance" (Glassbox, June 25-30)

Please join us for the opening of our exhibition Semblance with Philippe Braquenier <BE>, Dylan Cote et Pierre Lafanechère <FR>, Evan Roth <USA>, Addie Wagenknecht <USA> et Leanne Wijnsma <NL> on June 27, 2019 at Glassbox, 4 Rue Moret, 75011 - Paris. The exhibition will be open from June 25-30, 2019.

Whether we are aware of it or not, our data is being collected and sold for profit to competitive intelligence and advertising agencies throughout the world on a regular basis. Many of us choose to ignore how the internet functions and what algorithms are due to a general fear of technology and mathematics. We allow ourselves to put blind faith in big data.

Many individuals may claim that they have nothing to hide in their personal data. By saying this, we are allowing our rights to be taken away, and we never know when we will need them. We require warrants for a similar reason: trusting the government to carry out the law without reasonable cause is too great of a risk.

It is important for us as citizens to understand how data works, how it can be oppressive, and why we should encrypt our devices.

We are questioning if being able to see, hear, or smell data will develop the viewer’s trust and instinctual relationship with technology in the future:

Can data art reveal hidden problems in our society and make these issues more easily digestible?

Taking cues from the work of Edward Snowden and Cathy O’Neil, Semblance is a week-long exhibition bringing together the work of six artists who create work using data, surveillance, and hacker philosophies. The intangibility of data allows it to be misused by the individuals who are aware of how it functions, often resulting in secret modes of surveillance. These artists transform this intangibility into palpable works, allowing for a clearer understanding of how our data is being collected.



Philippe Braquenier <BE>

Dylan Cote and Pierre Lafanechère <FR>

Evan Roth <USA>

Addie Wagenknecht <USA>

Leanne Wijnsma <NL>



Exhibition Organizers:

Alexandra Gilliams <USA>, Curator

Juilee Raje <CA>, Administration

Noel Krikheli <RF>, Communication

Silvia Papadaki <GR>, Production

Jing Yu <CN>, Finance

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/events/glassbox-espace-dart/semblance/218718544...

Support us on GoFundMe : https://www.gofundme.com/semblance-exhibition-paris?fbclid=IwAR3tq-t2rQC...

Students from MBA in Arts & Cultural Management Art Track